Loglines & Screenplays by Timothy Dee

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GENRES: Comedy

Three elderly writers, victims of The Greylist (better known as Hollywood Age Discrimination), conspire to get back on the studio lot to pitch.  Stonewalled at every turn, they hatch a plot to hire a young, Hollywood-skinny and Hollywood-hot frontman.  He just needs a tight fitting shirt and great pecs.  Or maybe a she… if she’s willing to display a modest abundance of…

Twenty Lashes


"Twenty Lashes" is a Semi-Finalist in the Stage32 1st Annual Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest and a Quarter Finalist in the 6th Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest.  Thank you Stage32!! 

A Black businesswoman from NYC travels into the path of Hurricane Katrina searching for her missing husband just as a Klansman enters an all-Black backwater-juke-joint to initiate a provocative debate over what the South would be like had the Confederacy won the war.  Then all hell breaks loose.



When she got everything she wanted, she lost everything she loved.  Based on the true story of the wife of the largest lottery jackpot winner in history and the lies, heartbreak and devastation that followed.  This is an American tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. 

AnAtomic War

GENRES: Comedy

Girl hates boy, boy hates girls, the perfect love story. Two filmmakers meet at a festival and fall madly in loathing. Despite their disdain, they are compelled to work together to produce a provocative documentary about the battle between the sexes. "When Harry Met Sally" on steroids.

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