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About Sandy

I am an actress who has a passion for film. I recently started writing, producing and directing, in order to create my own opportunities. I have a passion for all things creative.

Unique traits: I love both drama and comedy. I can work both in front of and behind the camera. BRING IT ON!




    KGOOG (2018)
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  • The Sweetheart Deal

    The Sweetheart Deal (2018)
    Film (Comedy) Actress A lonely romantic struggles to find true love before she turns 40 by setting her sights on "Mr. Right Around The Corner" Haley is tired of continually getting grief from her sisters for bringing a different man to the family gatherings each holiday season. She's always wanted to be married to that special someone and now, Haley is about to turn forty and she wants "her guy", her permanent life partner and she's vowed not to waste any time in relationships that aren't "going somewhere". Then Haley meets Cole who is recently single and not ready for a steady relationship. Things start to heat up and Haley wants to know if there's hope for a future. She attempts to keep things on the fast track while Cole only wants to avoid commitment. In the end, they strike a deal, but can it last? Or is it destined to crash? The Sweetheart Deal.

  • Dark Dignity

    Dark Dignity (2017)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama, Horror and 1 More) Actress In the years following a horrific plague, a nomadic tribe struggles to thrive in the harsh, desolate world they now call home.

  • CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator

    CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator (2014 - 2016)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actress Members of the Arizona charter of CUPIC (kyu-pik): Central Unidentified Phenomenon Investigation Committee, a private organization, investigate reports of the unknown. Their goal is to find a scientific and logical explanation to the cases, but each of them soon realize that it will not to be an easy task. Written by R. Washington

  • Elastic Heart

    Elastic Heart (2016)
    Film (Romance) Actress Wes Gleeson suddenly realizes that his ex-girlfiend who suddenly left him, Shannon, was the one. With the help of her best friend, Taylor, Wes embarks on a mission to win Shannon back by completing "13 Impossible" tasks. All with the hope that once he finds her, Shannon will actually take him back. Written by Marcus Stricklin

  • Double Life

    Double Life (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Sandra Lee, a washed up Diva actress, attempts to resuscitate her stagnant career by doing action films. Unfortunately, she is highly uncoordinated and terrible at fight choreography, so she convinces her friend Hee-Jin, a serious martial artist, to be her secret stunt double. Written by Sandy Kim

  • The Tent

    The Tent (2015)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Actress Two siblings use their imagination to travel any where they can imagine through the tent in their family home.

  • Trial 2020

    Trial 2020 (2015)
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  • Beef Jerky

    Beef Jerky (2015)
    Film (Short, Action, Comedy and Drama) Actress Garrett is a middle aged down on his luck, blue collar hit man. Unlike the hit men in Hollywood, Garrett keeps getting the low paying gigs with potentially disastrous consequences. With only one hit left to retirement and his dream home in Whitefish Bay, Garrett himself gets caught up in someone elses murder. With four dollars to his name he must help Mike out in order to get out of town.

  • Tess

    Tess (2015)
    Film (Short and Action) Actress After retiring from the CIA, TESS is pulled back in by her longtime handler to protect a valuable item that dangerous people are desperately trying to get their hands on.

  • Deadbeats

    Deadbeats (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Casting director Two unemployed hip hop artists go to desperate lengths to make money for their mixtape.

  • Skip Trace

    Skip Trace (2014)
    Film (Short and Action) Actress After a long absence, Sandra Beckett is trying to get back into the Bounty Hunter game. She has a chance to save a young girl who was kidnapped and make a name for herself. Will she be successful, or be thwarted by the kidnappers?

  • Grown Women

    Grown Women (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Four friends in their late twenties struggle to grow up while navigating friendships, relationships, and careers.

  • Heart Pumping Oil

    Heart Pumping Oil (2014)
    Film (Short and Action) Actress In the not-so-distant future, two young women (Sparrow and Destiny) carry out an plan of action. The goal is to free Destiny from a tracing device that monitors her every move and traps her in a life of assigned servitude. As the journey unfolds, we see more to their relationship than meets the eye. They fight for freedom and a forbidden bond where Sparrow is ultimately forced to decide between her love for Destiny and a final hope for what is left of mankind. Written by Anonymous

  • Hunter

    Hunter (2014)
    Film (Thriller) Actress Two detectives are on the move to hunt down a serial killer who has a violent history.

  • Something to Look Forward to

    Something to Look Forward to (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Casting director A young boy fails at his attempt of suicide after the lost of his mother and constant bullying at school. He then meets the 'new girl' in his class who stands up for him.

  • What Actually Happens

    What Actually Happens (2014)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Casting director A look at the difference in perception that men and women have about what happens after a break up. Do men and women always perceive what happens differently? What really happens?

  • Corrupting Eden

    Corrupting Eden (2013)
    Television (Action and Comedy) Actress Corrupting Eden takes place in the small town of Cooyan Louisiana. This town is built up around the Church of Eden. Seemingly from the outside, this town looks like the perfect neighborhood, but to those living there they turn a blind eye to the corrupt politicians, hookers, gangs, guns, fist fights, sex, flamboyant boy bands, strippers and the seedy under-life hidden inside the walls of the church. Written by Lisa Palenica

  • Monitor Gray

    Monitor Gray (2013)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actress In the shadow of a shattered U.S. economy where States are seceding from the Union, one man gains prominence, wealth, and power by defeating a deadly disease through what he claims is the hand of God. Monitor Gray tells of the rise to power of an advanced City-State which promises heaven on Earth for those who are willing to succumb. Monitor Gray is an intelligent Sci-Fi expertly crafted to not only entertain, but to address key issues of our time: the power of corporations to control those beyond their immediate reach, the ability for individuals to ignore economic disparities as long as their own lives are awash in comfort, and the ramification of blending political and religious leadership. Written by Anonymous

  • Frost-E

    Frost-E (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Casting director When a secret government project called FROST-E breaks loose, they turn to the only man who can help: Major Paul Jansen. Set in the 1940s, this story documents what some believe to be the origins of Frosty the Snowman.

  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance (2012)
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  • The Abduction and Trial of George Bush

    The Abduction and Trial of George Bush (2012)
    Film (Short, Biography, Drama and History) Actress Recognizing that there is no court of law that will ever hear the matter of possible war crimes that may be alleged against the former president of the United States, George Walker Bush, an international group of confederates arrange to abduct the former president of the United States and sequester him for trial. The Jury? At the conclusion of all testimony and arguments their votes are collected at and aggregated for a final judgment: Guilty or Not Guilty as charged with 4,432 counts of violation of Section 242, Title 18 USC, Deprivation of Constitutional Right to Life. The real jury? You. Following release of the Abduction and Trial of George Bush, viewers may access the website and register their vote, based on facts, not propaganda. Written by Anonymous

  • Random Doors

    Random Doors (2012)
    Film (Mystery) Actress A serial killer murders a hundred people in a single day and is never found; leaving two detectives bewildered and confused.

  • Method

    Method (2011)
    Film (Short, Biography, Comedy and Drama) Actress Wesley Gunn is a Method actor whose zealous commitment to his craft and desire to win an Academy Award leads to problems in his personal life.

  • The Big Something

    The Big Something (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Marcus, the owner of a beloved record store, is found dead. Everyone thinks it's suicide but Lewis, one of his clerks who bums around and sleeps in the store. He sets out on a journey through the eccentric world in and around the neighborhood to find the killer. Written by Travis Mills

  • Privates

    Privates (2011)
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  • The Neighbors

    The Neighbors (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actress Patrick and Heather seemingly have it all - money, success, a large house in a sprawling suburb on the outskirts of town. The finest tastes, and all the things their money could every buy. Mathew and Amber are just starting out - young, enthusiastic, they are eager and excited to advance into the next phase of their lives. Acting on an invitation, the couples converge for a casual evening of elegant dining, fine wine, and stimulating conversation. After dinner, the couples begin to unwind, sharing intimate details and stories of their lives with each other, while each potentially hiding a secret or two. But as the wine begins to dwindle, and the night draws to close, the cat-and-mouse games between the foursome have only just begun... Written by Anonymous

  • Euphoria

    Euphoria (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress "Willow" is a self-made businesswoman that seems to have it all but has a secret that very few know about, her addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol. Krista, her best friend and party girl tends to overlook Willow's problems and is always the voice of reason to her. Willow is full of contradictions as she chastises Krista for dating "Leo" the neighborhood drug dealer but doesn't see the error in her own ways. Justin, Willow's concerned lover is at his wit's end as he watches the one he loves completely self-destruct. Written by Anonymous

  • Only Go There at Night: Darkness Rising

    Only Go There at Night: Darkness Rising (2009)
    Film (Comedy, Crime, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Actress Six months have passed since the events of the 'Lambertville Massacre' and the death of Will Jackson at the hands of his best friend, Christian Copeland. While it appears that Christian has committed the perfect crime, things take a sudden turn when a copycat killer emerges bringing new attention to the crime and refocusing the police's interest in the case. Christian joins forces with his old friends Wesley & Dave Jackson in an attempt to bring down the new killer before he can strike first. Written by Anonymous

  • Brunch

    Brunch (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Follows the story of five life long friends that reunite over the years for brunch and girl talk. Join the ladies as they catch up on the events of their lives.

  • The Aum's Law

    The Aum's Law
    Film (Action, Adventure, Drama and Romance) Actress Let me ask you a question, If you are always told that you are bound to be a Great ruler, how would you earn your place in history?I have studied various great rulers and leaders throughout history like Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Jesus, Hitler, Ashoka, Gandhi etc. Yes, I do believe even god in human form was still human and I choose to look at them very so much way for the premise of this story. I will even go as far, as some of the greatest American and Indian presidents. In their stories or biographies there is always a mention that someone or something always told them what they are supposed to do and helped them through their journey to greatness. They were all on a path rushing from one check point to another. I believe most of us had the very same experience, where nothing seems to be happening by chance and there is a well-known pattern even in the most of the randomness. We learn to find solace in chaos. This is the premise of our story, where day to day life becomes an epic ...

  • Zuma Beach Among Women

    Zuma Beach Among Women
    Film Actress Add a Plot »

  • Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith

    Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith
    Film (Horror) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Love by Drowning

    Love by Drowning
    Film (Drama) Actress Love By Drowning is a book to movie adaptation of the novel written by C.E. Poverman. A story about two brothers Val and Davis, and their connection to a woman, Lee Anne. The story spans over 17 years of obsession and shocking events.

  • Pale Trees

    Pale Trees
    Film (Drama) Actress Liv spitefully digs up the details about her mother's early days in Hollywood.


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