Loglines & Screenplays by Robert Gately

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GENRES: Drama, Sports

A black correctional officer in personal turmoil coaches the inmate basketball team and finds the strength and motivation he needs -- both in life and on the job -- in Boo Hoo Flanagan, an aging, white, crippled inmate who shoots three-point baskets better than anyone has ever seen. Or – The Longest Yard except it’s basketball with a little Shawshank Redemption thrown in.


GENRES: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sports

A retired cop streaks naked down the field during the present-day Army/Navy game believing his heroics will atone for a fumble he made years ago during the same football classic and, while planning for this wacky gridiron adventure, he takes his two codger friends on an endearing journey proving retirement is no place for the slow pokes or the timid.



Greedy executives of a large corporation implement an illegal downsizing process, and they would’ve gotten away with it, but they didn’t count on a desperate employee whose courage and family loyalty proves much stronger than any of their corporate policies. (Inspired by true events)


GENRES: Adventure, Biography, Drama, Historical

Ed always wanted to be in theatre, acting or directing; infant epilepsy, a lifelong love of booze, or the bizarre hallucinations of van Gogh, Barrymore and spiders the size of dogs was not going to stop him from following his passion. Living in reality was another matter in this physiological journey where a man struggles to find peace between the worlds of the real and the imaginary.



When a telephone worker invades the public’s privacy by using the telephone lines to find the man who killed his wife, he inadvertently becomes a pawn in a twisted tale of espionage and intrigue.

GOING SOLO (by Keil and Gately)

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

Logline for Going Solo, a screen and stage play by Drew Keil and Robert Gately Self-exiled at home for over 30 years, an agoraphobic mother must choose between her recluse life and trekking alone through bustle of New York City to see her estranged daughter perform a solo at Carnegie Hall and, while she takes this voyage, a chance encounter with a cantankerous female vagrant provides unexpected solace and a surer way to her daughter’s heart.


GENRES: Drama, Sports

Logline of Living Proof, (based on a true story of a year in the life of Jerry Gaughan) Adopted at infancy, a professional minor league ice hockey player searches for his biological parents during a championship season where his dream of playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins hangs on a thread and a prayer, but his quest to find his birth parents is more disruptive than expected and he finds himself more on a journey of enlightenment than discovery.


GENRES: Action, Drama

How do you wipe out a terrorist organization who is training in the heart of Iraq while also inspiring Arab Sultans in the Mid-East to join with Western nations in a global war against international terrorism? Our heroes do it.

SOUTH OF MAIN STREET (screenplay and novel)

GENRES: Drama, Family

An emotionally challenged dad, who most believe suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress, or worse, suddenly must prove he’s ‘normal’ or be judge by the legal system as incapacitated when his wife dies and his daughter sues for financial control of the estate. (Christmas time)

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