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Miami Facade

GENRES: Independent, Drama

Miami Facade

"Miami Facade" is a coming of age story of young first generation americans living aimlessly in Miami, while trying to find their own form of happiness.

This film deals with Mental health issues,drugs, sexual identity and the vicious circle of the criminalistic ways within these young lost souls.


GENRES: Independent, Thriller, Drama, Experimental


The main theme within “Illuminated ” is based on the old adage of good vs evil,

but unfortunately in the underground rap scene in miami, darkness has an unfair advantage.

In this story we have two rap artists who have to battle physically and artistically to gain respect in the music industry.

One artist speaks about shallow and materialistic aspects of life, while the other rapper enforces positivity and the strive to gain knowledge.

After the shallow rapper named damiano gains an unexpected connection in the drug game , he meets a group of elite men who control the music industry and have an offer damiano could not refuse.

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