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Steve Slavi Kasan

Actor, Illustrator and Screenwriter

Toronto, Canada

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Versatile actor appeared in many independent shorts & features; along with digital web series.
Punctual on set and on time.
Own a vehicle and can drive to any location.


  • Hunted of the Hollows

    Hunted of the Hollows (2019)
    Film (Action) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Blood Child

    Blood Child (2017)
    Film (Fantasy, Horror and Thriller) Actor Blood Child is horror thriller based on a true story. Bill and Ashely DiAngelo seem to have it all, an overseas posting to Singapore, life in paradise and a new baby on the way. But tragedy strikes when she loses the baby and sinks into a deep depression. Unbeknownst to Bill, Ashley decides that the only way for her to "be" with her miscarried child is to dabble in the South East Asian occult practice of raising her own "ghost child". She seeks the help of her Indonesian maid, Siti, tasking her to find a bomoh (witch doctor) who knows how to trap the spirit of unborn dead fetuses. Siti tries to dissuade Ashley from resorting to such dark magic but to no avail. In the meantime, in an effort to put the tragic events of the miscarriage behind them, Bill decides that it would be good for the couple to return home to Minneapolis to start their lives over. Several months after their return to the US, Ashley and Bill are surprised to find themselves pregnant again. However, their happiness ...

  • Goodbye Dear Madness

    Goodbye Dear Madness (2016)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Actor Day after day, a man wakes up and goes on to repeat the same self-destructive ritual. Stuck in this vicious habit, he senses there is a way out of this prison, but only after an encounter with a mysterious healer - and a final showdown with his demons - will he be ready for his final liberation.

  • First is the Worst

    First is the Worst (2016)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor A future hit man has the unfortunate experience of performing his first kill.

  • Vexation: The Acid Rain Prologue

    Vexation: The Acid Rain Prologue (2016)
    Film (Short and Action) Actor When Billionaire insurance tycoon and political corrupter Warren Gabriel plans to implement new technology that will monopolize power in the city, a threat to liberty is imminent. With a mouth held together by wires after a traumatic gun shot wound at the hands of Gabriel's cronies, Corbin Lewis is a mute avenger who must take down Gabriel and prevent his power grid from ever existing, by any means necessary.

  • The Face

    The Face (2016)
    Film (Action and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Regret

    Regret (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Inspired by a true events, comes the tale of woman named Angie and the choices she regrets making that has led to her current state.

  • Street Soldiers

    Street Soldiers (2016)
    Film (Action, Crime and Drama) Actor Street Soldiers is the story of a young insecure teenager named Sunny, whose life gets turned upside down after an unfortunate turn of events, where his father, a police officer is killed while off duty. Tormented by bullies in his new rough neighbourhood, in self -preservation, Sunny, turns towards gang members of his own ethnicity for protection. The choices he makes along the way, dictate the consequences he must face, in his life as a street soldier. Written by Jay Walia

  • Holidaze

    Holidaze (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Derek, a struggling artist and drug addict, finds himself at odds with his dysfunctional family on Christmas Eve.

  • How to Fall in Love

    How to Fall in Love (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor We fall in love with people we can't have.

  • David Robson

    David Robson (2016)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Comedy, Drama and 1 More) Actor An introvert who can speak seven languages strives to find his place, and gain the courage to talk to a girl. A mysterious invite to join the ranks of an intelligence agency could be everything he needs...

  • Life in Stages Anthology

    Life in Stages Anthology (2016)
    Film Actor Jennette is a woman on the brink of a bad mistake. She lost her fiancé and is suffering from the loss when a friend suggests going to a book store to find something to read. There she meets Jovi and her book of many stories.

  • Rucksack

    Rucksack (2016)
    Film (Short, Action, Fantasy and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Trigger

    Trigger (2016)
    Film (Action) Actor A team of professional hitmen are paid a large amount of money to travel back in time 5 years and kill a select group of innocent people, one of whom is foreseen as aiding an army of inter-dimensional beings in wiping out the human race.

  • Wendigo

    Wendigo (2016)
    Film (Short and Action) Actor A large corporation purchases land from the government to mine for resources only to have numerous contractors go missing. In an effort to save time and cut costs, they employ ex-PMC, now mercenaries to oversee the demolition of the old compound. When the men arrive however, they find that the compound has a dark, violent history - awakened by the darkness in their own hearts and the crimes they committed overseas. As they struggle to survive they reveal the haunted story buried in the land, and encounter a Police Officer and her captive who are also searching for answers. With mounting losses and time running out the horrors of the past threaten all of their futures. Written by Lee Foster

  • Rod the Stormtrooper

    Rod the Stormtrooper (2016)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Rod Panaflex is no ordinary middle-aged man. He's a First-Level Imperial Stormtrooper who proudly stands at the Emperor's side. Rod and his friends strive to uphold the values of Star Wars fandom and fight off the dreaded Jedi.

  • Not Alone

    Not Alone (2016)
    Television (Horror) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Efficiency

    Efficiency (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor A look at a future where exploited labourers are subjected to a performance enhancement procedure that propels them to the limit of human physical capability.

  • Stock Boy

    Stock Boy (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Saving Dreams

    Saving Dreams (2016)
    Film (Drama, Music, Romance and Thriller) Actor BRENDA JACKSON has the talent to become a great singer. But her other dreams interfere with her following that path. When she meets STEVE REEDS she seems to have hit the jackpot-he has it all and he promises to introduce her to people in the music biz.Yet as time goes on, after their marriage, the promises fade and abuse becomes the norm. He even forbids her to sing around the house. Then surprisingly, he asks her to sing at a fund raiser for his new foundation. There, she is profoundly shocked to learn that his foundation helps abused women and children around the world. He is more powerful than she imagined! She finds it difficult to sing, but somehow manages to wow the audience with her angelic voice. At that banquet, she meets BAYO FRANKS, a music producer who gives her his card. Soon after, she finds herself pregnant. She hopes her pregnancy will soften her husband's attitude toward her, but he kicks her down the stairs, causing a miscarriage. When she returns home from hospital,... Written by Isioro T. Jaboro

  • Petrol

    Petrol (2016)
    Television (Thriller) Actor PETROL is an action/drama series following five reckless drivers who all work for a mysterious Employer.

  • Trauma Ring

    Trauma Ring (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A girl is haunted by visions of her dead mother while living day-to-day life, which so begins to affect her current decisions and actions towards other people.

  • Beyond the Fences

    Beyond the Fences (2015)
    Video (Short, Drama and Sport) Actor A professional athlete quits midway into the regular season in an attempt to reconnect with his teenage daughter.

  • Boy Super

    Boy Super (2015)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A short comedic film about a young kid that becomes a superhero of sorts for his hometown.

  • The High Cost of Dying

    The High Cost of Dying (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Thriller) Actor Based on the character "Beatrice" from the novel, SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE. Beatrice emerges back into the world after an absence of ten years and stumbles through strange interactions in a world that is alien to her. On a mission to preserve what is left of her sanity, she attempts to visit old friends who are now all gone, but that brings her to the attention of two dangerous men... who may want to kill her. Written by Rodney V. Smith

  • A Disappearance

    A Disappearance (2015)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama, Horror and 1 More) Actor A Disappearance, in a small town draws suspicion on close family and friends.

  • Armchair Directors

    Armchair Directors (2015)
    Television (Talk-Show) Actor Real reviews from real filmmakers. Crandall and Mercy are two independent filmmakers who bring their love of writing/directing to the table to review the latest movies on blu-ray. No pretentious snobbery, just an honest look at movies from two people with a passion for filmmaking. Crandall and Mercy will let you know the 'best part/worst part' of a movie and help you decide if it's worth your time and hard earned cash. For down to Earth reviews from people who know, you've come to the right place. Written by Matthew Crandall

  • The Necessity of Men

    The Necessity of Men (2015)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actor In the not to distant future, how necessary are men? Can women live without them?

  • The Friday Night Death Slot

    The Friday Night Death Slot (2015)
    Film (Horror) Actor Johnny Ghoulash and his pal, Skulle are serving up their usual array of trash television on their late night show, The Friday Night Death Slot. Chainsaw, one of the toughest roller derby chicks around, decides to settle in and watch the show. As the night goes on, things take a turn for the worst in both the show and Chainsaw's life... Written by John Migliore

  • In the Pin We Trust

    In the Pin We Trust (2015)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime and Drama) Actor The witnesses to a horrific high school shooting, sweethearts Jen and Ted are both on the run after having robbed a bank. As they escape the city it becomes obvious that not everything is fine in this perfect love story.

  • Standardized

    Standardized (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor An aspiring actor sees a variety of speech therapists in a frustrating attempt to get rid of his accent.

  • Pete Winning and the Pirates: The Motion Picture

    Pete Winning and the Pirates: The Motion Picture (2015)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor Armed with laser guns and wit, Pete Winning and his rag-tag crew navigate a flooded earth in the not-too-distant future. Braving mutants, pirates and the seas, they search for the self-crowned evil Queen's coveted maps of the new world.

  • Late Night Double Feature

    Late Night Double Feature (2015)
    Film (Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Actor During a late night taping of Dr. Nasty's Cavalcade of Horror, bloody chaos takes place while screening two features (Dinner for Monsters and Slit). Samantha/Nurse Nasty is frustrated with how the show is being run by its womanizing director and its drunk and crazy host, Dr. Nasty.

  • A Wasteland of Hate

    A Wasteland of Hate (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Two young men, Buzz and Phil, are in the middle of a conflict between the local Nazi Skinheads gang and their sworn enemies, the anti fascist. Caught in between two radically opposed ideologies, Buzz and Phil will have to make a choice.

  • Double Double

    Double Double (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Baker Street

    Baker Street (2015)
    Television (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Something Bad

    Something Bad (2015)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Music) Actor David Reiner wakes to a regular morning. He cleans up, makes breakfast, and gets to work. His day careens off course however when he receives an unexpected phone call from his doctor, asking him to come into the office as soon as possible. After a long wait, David finally sees his doctor and is informed that he is HIV positive. Throughout the following weeks, David struggles through the phases of grief as he tries to understand his illness and come to terms with the changes in his life. David's journey introduces him to a variety of characters to whom he can relate with on some level, and walks him through realizing that bad things happen to good people, but that the courage to keep living is ultimately up to the individual. David's story is sad, funny, and moving as he deals with the news of Something Bad. Written by Anonymous

  • First Bust

    First Bust (2015)
    Film (Short, Action and Comedy) Actor Two rookie cops that set out to make their first big bust. Things turn out to be more complicated then they anticipated.

  • Behind the Door

    Behind the Door (2014)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Actor Steven is an imaginative child who still believes there's a monster in his closet. One day, while home sick, he discovers that he was right.

  • Playground Rules

    Playground Rules (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Alex is a young and successful investment broker with a lot to lose. In his streamlined world, the haves rule the have-nots. A principle that drives Alex's greed for the all mighty dollar. However, just when Alex thinks he has life figured out, a series of encounters with a peculiar homeless boy force Alex to reconsider his morals and discover the true value of human life. Written by Anonymous

  • Snow

    Snow (2014)
    Film (Drama) Actor Dana is a woman who doesn't deal well with confrontation. She likes her job, her friends, and the cozy comfort of her neighbourhood - Toronto's own Queen Street West. But when the world forces her to stand up, will she be able to handle it? Written by Anonymous

  • Johnny Ghoulash Escapes from Creightonville

    Johnny Ghoulash Escapes from Creightonville (2014)
    Film (Horror) Actor In a world where reality and make-believe often collide, a late night horror host is flung headlong into the very film he is presenting. Now, he must bring the events in the film to their logical conclusion, or be trapped forever in celluloid. Unfortunately, this film never had a logical conclusion. Written by John Migliore

  • Anniversary Park

    Anniversary Park (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Family and Romance) Actor Sachin can't seem to do anything right, and his family & friends don't seem to make things any easier.

  • Kindergarten Tycoon

    Kindergarten Tycoon (2014)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor KINDERGARTEN TYCOON is an 11 minute short film that looks at the discrepancy between the social graces we are taught as children and the way much of today's adult society actually conducts itself. Using a kindergarten class as a microcosm of modern society, the film reminds us, in an ironic way, that the social decorum we learned in our formative years is just as relevant in adulthood. The twist in this film is that the kindergarten students are adults. And the double twist is that rather than behaving like children, they actually behave like adults. The humour stems from the interaction of grownups going about their daily business within the context of a kindergarten classroom.

  • Pete Winning and the Pirates

    Pete Winning and the Pirates (2013 - 2014)
    Television (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor Armed with laser guns and wit, Pete Winning and his rag-tag crew navigate a global-warming flooded Canada in the not-too-distant future, in search of the self-crowned evil Queen's coveted maps of the new world.

  • The Akira Project

    The Akira Project (2014)
    Film (Short, Action and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Aftermath

    Aftermath (2014)
    Film (Short, Crime and Thriller) Actor After being over-whelmed by anguish from repeated viewing of a crime documentary involving his slain daughter, a grief-stricken man suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder goes on a deadly rampage as he attempts to right the wrong.

  • Three's a Crowd

    Three's a Crowd (2014)
    Film (Short) Actor Under random circumstances, Maddy meets a young woman who is secretly dating her man Ryan. The two girls plan a revenge to teach Ryan a little lesson in love he will never forget.

  • Dead End

    Dead End (2014)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Actor Scorpion head is WANTED for leading the abduction of various 13 year old girls from around the world. The girls are trained to become the world's most deadliest assassins, and in a few years, unleashes them to eliminate his targets. The most skilled of the assassins Mileena Young (Jile Cai) gets distracted during her mission and misses her target, causing her to be Scorpion head's next target. A turn of events and she crosses paths with Inspector Leon Franks (Tazito Garcia) who's stayed on the trail of the girls case since their disappearance. When he finally catches up to Mileena, Leon has to make one of his toughest decisions in his career yet. Written by Tazito Garcia

  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not (2014)
    Television (Drama and Thriller) Actor After escaping a violent assault with no memory of how she survived, Lily struggles to regain her memory of the night's events and recover from trauma. As she reaches out for help, she is instead re-victimized - blamed - for events beyond her control. Signs of post-traumatic stress begin to emerge, and Lily's psyche begins to crumble. Will the support of her cop girlfriend, Raye, be enough to save her from herself, or will Lily succumb to a darker path, losing herself completely? Written by Official Source

  • Battlefield: Divided We Stand

    Battlefield: Divided We Stand (2014)
    Television (Action) Actor Separated, alone, and behind enemy lines. Four Marines were sent into Russian territory to acquire valuable intel, but upon entering enemy airspace, everything changed.

  • Breaking Point: The Cop

    Breaking Point: The Cop (2014)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor An off-duty Police Officer pursues a lead regarding the whereabouts of his missing daughter.

  • Improbabilia

    Improbabilia (2013 - 2014)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor For office worker Hal Norman, every day is the same and reality couldn't be more boring. When he loses his job and finds himself deep in debt, he decides to go in for paid medical testing to make some easy money...or so he thinks. Suddenly he finds his world turned upside-down as he develops strange abilities, making him a target for shadowy forces, until he finds a safe refuge in the hidden district of Improbabilia. Hal, joined by others like him, must make the choice to either flee or stand against those who would destroy them...but is it all just a drug-induced hallucination? Written by Anonymous

  • Asset: The Webseries

    Asset: The Webseries (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actor Eric Blair believes he's won a free vacation in Prague but discovers he's actually a plant for the CIA because of his high school romance with the now-wife of a Russian mobster.

  • No Strings Attached

    No Strings Attached (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actor Two puppets are on a blind date, accompanied by their dutiful human puppeteers. But what happens when a puppet and puppeteer disagree? A rowdy comedy about love and obligation in the age of social media.

  • Out with Dad

    Out with Dad (2013 - 2014)
    Television (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A teenage girl and her single father. Rose is coming of age, and coming out of the closet. Dad wants to make sure Rose's coming out is as easy and painless as possible. Sometimes he tries a little too hard.

  • Out of Time

    Out of Time (2012 - 2013)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Brown Guys Do

    Brown Guys Do (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Back in the early 2000s, there was a comedy troupe named Mixed Nuts. It played sold out shows and garnered rave reviews. What was unique about the troupe was that it featured a very multicultural cast that did every accent or character under the sun. The goal was to push minorities (South Asian) into the mainstream. It's obviously happened in the interim, but one thing that has remained missing is showcasing the ability to do voices beyond East Indian, Arabic (thanks for all the wonderful terrorist roles btw) or regular North American. That's where "Brown Guys Do" steps in. It shows that people of colour have a range of talent to do accents and characters beyond those typically associated with their race or background. Written by Brown Guys Do

  • Clutch

    Clutch (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actor Tough, street smart, and resourceful pickpocket Kylie is forced to take care of herself after her boyfriend Matt finds himself in deep trouble with a gang of vicious mobsters he owes a huge sum of money to.

  • Cloaked

    Cloaked (2013)
    Film (Short and Action) Actor In order to protect Chicago's "centralOperatingSystem," an elite task force of special "Operators" has been established, known as "ctOS Team-One." Their priority target: Aiden Pearce.

  • Omega

    Omega (2013)
    Television (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor Five years after contact with aliens, the earth finds itself in ruins and guns rule the land. Led by the strongest who remain, small factions roam and scavenge, trying to survive in the face of ever present violence and sickness.

  • Happy Pills

    Happy Pills (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor 'Happy Pills' explores a family dealing with Sarah, a wife and mother, suffering from depression. The film centers around her husband, William, who is desperate to help her be happy. With no other options, he switches her pills for an unknown anti-depressant which promises to be the perfect happy pill. The pills however work too well and cause William to question the true price of happiness. Written by Anonymous

  • The Dark Side: Rise of Darkness

    The Dark Side: Rise of Darkness (2012)
    Film (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor An action packed, mind twisting cliff hanger exposing the grand influence of the media and money in today's world. What was once based on discipline, truth, Honour, and Quality, has changed to marketing and money making schemes for the sake of; power/money, fame, increased corruption and respect/reputation. Who do you go to when you need help? If there is no one to be trusted. Written by Tazito Garcia

  • Resist666

    Resist666 (2012)
    Television (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor One demon is attempting to save the remaining pockets of humanity from complete extinction.

  • Angrezi Translation

    Angrezi Translation (2012)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Bata Bhai (an Underworld Boss from Mumbai, India) is now looking to expand his black market business to North America. Unfortunately, he does not speak a word of English. For this he relies on his Assistant, who has recently advised him of embezzlement by their accountant. This is only the beginning. Written by Anonymous

  • Tower

    Tower (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actor Derek is 34 and lives in his parents' basement. Single, self-interested and gauche, he divides his time between casual work for his uncle, cringe inducing encounters with women and an animation project.

  • The Briefcase

    The Briefcase (2012)
    Film (Short, Action and Thriller) Actor An unsuspecting man becomes involved in a drug lords game, and must play by the rules to save his girlfriend. Little does he know, he's a pawn in a huge police investigation, and he's to deliver a ticking package to another party. He must try to stay alive in the middle of this war, to deliver the package that holds the answer to the game, and the key to his girlfriend's freedom. Written by tazito garcia

  • Dominion: The Web Series

    Dominion: The Web Series (2011)
    Video (Horror, Mystery and Sci-Fi) Actor A detective is hired to find a missing woman, but his new client is hiding more than she is telling and the detective soon finds himself being sucked in to the world of the supernatural.

  • Symbiosis

    Symbiosis (2011)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actor Two janitors face a moral dilemma when they choose to let 'bad people' enter a highly suspect bathroom to face the horror that lurks inside.

  • Ask JackWagon

    Ask JackWagon (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor The JackWagon answers questions sent to him by the program viewers using sketch comedy in place of hosted answers. The sketches themselves are based on slapstick humor.

  • The Things Dreams Are Made Of

    The Things Dreams Are Made Of (2011)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actor Andrew tired of being beat up in his own town by muggers takes the advice to "do" something about it from a co-worker. He then goes home and there the imaginary guys were born.

  • Afterschool Starz

    Afterschool Starz (2011)
    Television (Drama) Actor AFTER SCHOOL STARZ is a ground breaking lighthearted Comedic style Sitcom, which focuses on the rise to fame, and consistent struggle of young, talented individuals. The Sitcom introduces characters who want to become Actors, Musician, Dancers, and Models. Many will find fame, while others learn valuable lessons that will last a life time. As the characters grow in their quest to become the best, we chronicle their good, bad, and humorist moments. Written by Orlando Delcid

  • Sticking Together

    Sticking Together (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Foul Play

    Foul Play (2010)
    Film (Short, Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Actor After Charles' girlfriend is found in a pool of blood beside her house, Charles finds himself in the middle of the investigation in which he is the primary suspect. With the help of his friend Alex, Charles tells the lead investigator that on the night in question he was too far behind on his companies taxes to have left and therefore was unable to commit the murder. After his boss confirms his alibi and no murder weapon is found Charles is let go, leaving the clever yet incriminating truth undiscovered. Written by Evan

  • Orders

    Orders (2010)
    Video (Short, Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor A woman struggles between her ambition and her ethics while working at a secret institution.

  • Lurking Under Life

    Lurking Under Life (2009)
    Film (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor Lurking Under Life revolves on a group of urban explorers who first locate and set out to explore a forgotten research complex build in the 1930's. Unknown to them, there's a reason the place was abandoned and forgotten. What lurks in this forgotten place in the middle of nowhere? And who will make it out alive. Written by William Conrad

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