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By Mike Heff

GENRE: Comedy

Two stoners in Los Angeles hunt for fame and fortune by documenting paranormal activity with the help of their supernatural roommate.  


In the wake of a very public UFO event in the skies of Los Angeles, roommates Evan and Goose both strive to become internet stars. Evan has capitalized on the event by falsely claiming to be an alien abductee and using a new age guru persona to gain a viral following. Goose jealously watches Evan’s star rise while he struggles to get a measly hundred views on one of his prank videos. When their new roommate Fred enters the house, Goose comes up with a way to steal Evan’s fame by planning an epic prank that will make Evan believe he’s actually been abducted by a UFO. Things get real for everyone when Fred reveals that he is being contacted by some sort of alien intelligence and he needs Evan’s help to decipher the coded message in his head.

Nathaniel Baker

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Evelyn von Warnitz

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Phil Clarke

It's a nice idea, but the logline is only communicating an idea, not a story, not a concept. Try and convey some sense of story goal, some sense of dramatic conflict (who are the antagonists? Who or what is opposing their story goal?) and some sense of stakes. Without an idea of what's at stake, the full power of your story won't come through and consequently will unlikely be enough to hook those looking to purchase.

If you'd like some assistance with your logline, I have put together a logline helpsheet that went out to all my clients and writers. Do message me if you'd like me to send it to you.

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