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By Artisan James

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

Coming Soon... 


This is an original horror spec, a feature, and a completely New Idea

when it comes to the Genre... as the work will introduce a new kind of horror villain and hook...

but it can also be all of these other things... as Contemporary Death is more of

an adventure horror thriller that can also serve as a slasher/ new slasher experience!

The script calls for performances...

it calls for that grittiness... that realism... that aesthetic...

and it calls for a visionary director who could potentially elevate it beyond the pages...

I wanted to write something original and really scary... maybe a potential word of mouth piece like

A Blair Witch Project or a Paranormal Activity... but applied to the "Slasher" and

amplified on many different levels... visuals... death count... theme...

while not slacking on story either...

I think that is what we and the genre need right now in a world of remakes...

Something Fresh. Something Scary. Something Ambitious.

Something Extraordinary. Something Entertaining. Something Intense.

And something that could also have sequel and new franchise potential,

as well as both commercial and universal appeal...

Stay tuned.

Title & Body of work currently copywritten under author.

Artisan James

Producers... directors... execs... people of interest... if you're intrigued and want to read this script > MY EMAIL: Or you can direct message me on Stage32 - I have a PDF and an outline of CD ready to go! - I'm ready to pitch, option, sell, submit... and I'm already conceptualizing 2 sequels... the potential is huge and the intrigue has been great so far!

See the CD SCRIPT TEASER now @ >

Nathaniel Baker

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