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Boston, Massachusetts

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MY STORY (Updated) - I'm 36 years old... and after leaving my job of 20 years in January of 2018... I've finished writing what I call my original "high-concept event horror thriller" a spec screenplay that I've been chipping away at over the years while going on a crazy journey in the process... as the experience writing the script is a whole other subject, boy is it ever.

If I didn't part ways with my job than I likely would never have completed the screenplay last year, as a newfound inspiration came over me once I left and I've been on a writing spree ever since!

I will say that this particular horror script has been an evolution... as it has now become something that I believe could have huge potential within the genre!

My horror spec has mystery, it has tension, it has suspense, it has spectacle, it has adventure...(since when do you think about going on an adventure when it comes to a horror movie?) and it's something that we've never seen before!

It's 100% original, it's scary, it's ambitious, it's extraordinary, it's entertaining, and it's intense.Those are the 6 terms that I use... and I promise my script will deliver on every one of them.

I've also created a new villain or a new version of something! - Somebody or something that can both scare and captivate on an all new level! - A horror villain that is meant to be withstanding - like a Freddy, like a Jason, like a Micheal Myers... and even when it comes to sci-fi horror... like a Terminator, a T-1000, a Predator - as that extraordinary aspect will be there as well.

What I wrote can serve as a slasher but it can also be all of these other things... as it goes BEYOND the traditional slasher and is not just another b movie, slasher by numbers. It wasn't written that way.

My script may also have commercial, sequel, and prequel potential - and could be the birth point to an all new "EVENT" horror franchise (a potential word of mouth piece) -- which I'm mapping out right now! - due to it's high-concept, it's new hook, it's themes, it's main character, and it's antagonist!

Stay tuned for the TITLE REVEAL coming later this year! The LOGLINE REVEAL will then follow! -- Before it's submitted to contests & producers.

My email: - (concept artist/screenwriter)

Have other projects in the works, but I believe PROJECTCD is my most
commercial idea!

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  • ProjectGraffiti

    ProjectGraffiti Thriller Drama Is about a young man's struggle to overcome... ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Now fifteen years later, as a ????????????????, Shea shares his story with a class of students the same age he was when everything transpired.     Drama. Thriller. Contemporary. Coming of Age.  This story is me (as a writer/creator) putting my stamp/voice on "bullying" + "loneliness X homelessness" - and other worldwide and ongoing epidemics. But of course... there is a TWIST. The script involves fictional characters, although some are inspired by real people, being caught up in many different dilemmas/epidemics in life (X the 3 mentioned above) and having to find themselves and ways to cope with their circumstances. Essentially...  as what may seem like just another teen drama spec screenplay... this is more of a modern and visual tale that touches upon ongoing worldwide dilemmas in new... cinematic ways...  as well as it being a throwback to CHILDHOOD all at the same time... while leaving the reader/viewer with a lot to think about when it's all over. It deals with childhood. Adulthood. Parenthood. Life. Love. Loss. And it has a fresh structure and visual flare when it comes to the screenplay... and how I tell this story! 

  • Projectcd

    Projectcd Thriller Horror Coming Soon... 

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