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By Vital Butinar

GENRE: Thriller

A scientist lose his mind believing reality doesn't exist and goes on a journey to discover the truth. He might be going crazy and is writing a journal or reality could be a simulation.


Our main character a collage professor and statistician in fact the best in the world

the and son of a great physics research professor has his boring repetitive life

interrupted because of his fathers death.

His life is turned upside down when he learns by accident that his father with whom

he was at odds the last couple of years was harboring a very dark secret.

At first our main character doesn't seem to accept his fathers secret but soon things

start to go wrong in his life, just as a new romantic interest is introduced into his life

adding to the already present confusion in the form of female student.

As peculiar situations begin to happen to our main character that actually happen to

all of us and the only person he can open up to is his student in fear of being

disgraced in front of his colleagues, just as his relationship with his wife strangely

begins to diminish.

More and more coincidences begin to happen that are statistically impossible and our

main character begins to notice and begins to investigate further with the help of his

new romantic interest.

Together they find an expert in the field of these coincidences and travel to find and

visit this person.

After finding this person in a mental institution, having non of their questions get

answered but rather they give rise to more confusing questions which in tern leads to

a another twist in their relationship, even compound the already bad situation. As

result they return to figure out their misery.

When they return to the city our main character tries to reconnect with his wife but

the situation has deteriorated so much that he is unable to but rather returns to his

student and together they try and figure out why so many coincidences have been

happening and what that really means.

As they are waiting for the results of the computer calculations they go for a coffee

and on the way back the student dies pushing our main character to insanity and end

up in a mental institution and at that point it is revealed that our main character is actually writing his journal and explaining his recollection of past events as part of

his therapy.

When he finally gets better and is gradually realest from the institution he reconnects

with his family and life goes back to normal even though he had though that our

reality was just a computer simulation and coming to terms that because he is a

statistician he was prawn to seeing patterns in every day life.

Our main character comes to terms that he or anyone else might never know if what

we perceive as real does actually exist.

The story ends with the super computer, that was introduced in the beginning of the

story, showing a screen indicating that it was able to calculate all the digits of the

number pi, which would mean that in fact reality might be a simulation and that the

main character was not going crazy.

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