Loglines & Screenplays by Robert Russo

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The Aether

GENRES: Sci-fi

An eccentric billionaire, a psychic girl, and a clone of Nikola Tesla face off against a Nazi Occult group to uncover UFO mysteries and save the world from an impending cataclysm.

The Magic


A grandson concocts an alternative treatment for his grandfather's Alzheimer's while learning how to be a man.



An oilfield Roughneck must survive a dangerous job and conquer hisinner demons to discover peace and happiness.

H.O.G. The Human Organ Grower

GENRES: Family

An Intelligent yet simple minded, genetically engineered pig who's been created for human organs transplants must learn about life, death, and faith, while he grapples with the decision to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Rites Of Passage


A teenage boy must complete the Rites of Passage, a life and death race that will earn him a place in society.

Human Traffic

GENRES: Horror

Two sisters must escape a top-secret underground facility that traffics children to interdimensional entities.

Incarnate: Revelations

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

Incarnate: Revelations

Unknowingly trapped in a tragic cycle of war, death, and rebirth,  a reincarnated warrior spirit must once again fight impossible odds and break free from the terrible cycle once and for all.



A PHD psychiatry student partakes in a revolutionary psychedelic research study and uncovers his own repressed multiple personalities.  He must complete a process called "Integration" and face the horrific traumas from his past to finally become a complete person capable of enjoying life.

ARMOR - Screenplay Adapted from the Best Selling Military Sci-fi Classic by John Steakley

GENRES: Sci-fi

A futuristic soldier faces the most implacable enemy in the galaxy, but is aided by "The Engine" - A dissociative identity from within that is a ruthless killing machine with only one purpose - Survival.

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