Loglines & Screenplays by Michael David

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Artificial Eve

GENRES: Thriller, Sci-fi

In the future, it is illegal to raise your own children; all babies must be raised by AI. The wife of the most powerful AI CEO goes on the run to raise her own baby and must escape her husband's murderous intentions.


GENRES: Thriller

A top hostage negotiator goes rogue and takes a bus of school children hostage. It's up to the father of one of the hostages, a second-rate hostage negotiator, to negotiate their release before they are killed.

The Unit

GENRES: Horror

The Unit

When a young woman wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with no memory of how she got there, she discovers the head psychiatrist is using patients for cruel experimentation. She must devise an escape before she becomes his next victim.

Maple Meadows

GENRES: Comedy

The shenanigans of a retirement home. A middle-aged director faces the closure of her retirement home and must solicit the help of her estranged, curmudgeon, and universally reviled ex-politician father in order to save it.

Spencer's Project

GENRES: Comedy

In an attempt to become popular and garner one million followers, a high school freshman makes a vlog documenting his funny initiatives at his high school. Only, they always seem to backfire.

The Ones Who Got Away


After his son is killed in a high school shooting, a grieving father tries to piece his life together when he's asked to coach his son's basketball team even though he knows nothing about the sport. In the process he learns to cope with loss, and coaches the team on how to cope with their loss while leading them to the championships.

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