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By James Austin McCormick

GENRE: Sci-fi

A jaded CEO takes on his own board when they refuse to let him retire. Their argument is simple, countless life saving operations and technical implants have rendered him corporate property.


Wallis Tyrone is old, incredibly old and is the most successful and

longest serving corporate president in human history. When he announces

his wish to retire however, the board have very different ideas and send

the company head lawyer to explain to him exactly why this isn't an

option. The countless operations and technoligcal implants over the

decades have rendered him the property of the corporation. In desperation

Tyrone tries to take his own life, leaping from his office's high rise

window. Yet he doesn't die and when he wakes up again he realises his

situation is now much, much worse than he could ever have imagined.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hi James! Interesting idea, but that's not a logline. Reads more like the start of your synopsis, or just a trimmed down version of said synopsis.

Päivi Holländer

Interesting. Though, perhaps include an other reason than being there in eternity to want to quit... I bet there lies the juicy bits...

Nathaniel Baker

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James Austin McCormick

Hi Nic/ Paivi, you're right- the logling needs work- thanks so much

And thanks again Nathianel

Wilmer Villanueva

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