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I've been wanting to tell these stories for some time, and in January 2020 something came over me and said DO IT NOW. So here I am. I've completed two screenplays, Cuz, Cuz. A mostly true story, and bANAL An extremely true story. Both available on my Stage 32 profile!!! I've got more scripts bubbling forth and it feels SO nice to be creative. The only thing I've made up to this point is two kids and trouble. I've lived long and hard enough thus far to have experienced bits of heaven and hell... so it's time to share. I hope audiences laugh, gasp and laugh some more when they enjoy my stories. I absolutely LOVE movies. The collaborative art form of film is breathtaking and overwhelming. Let's go see a movie!!! Or binge a season!!! ;)

Unique traits: Mom, Healer, Writer, Adventurer, Extraordinaire


  • Cuz, Cuz.   A mostly true story.

    Cuz, Cuz. A mostly true story. Comedy Drama An odd pair of soulmate cousins wade through life’s horrors with laughter and booze until a dark corner turns worse when he suffers a stroke. Will she put him out of his misery as agreed, or watch him waste away in post stroke hell? 

  • bANAL  An extremely true story.

    bANAL An extremely true story. Other Comedy In a WWIII parallel universe of sexual warfare, a hell flaming drill sergeant Drast trains his elite US forces to remain the most powerful FUCKERS in the world. Alas, a giddy gay German allied with the world and his army of Drag Queens try to destroy him.

  • Spider Wings

    Spider Wings Animation A motley gang of spider heroes andventure through sky and  portal via electric breeze.

  • SPIRIT WORLD  A beautiful story.

    SPIRIT WORLD A beautiful story. Other Drama A  broken single mother considers taking her and her children's lives. The heavens interrupt and guide her  to learn the practice of shamanism, cracking her open to heal all wounds.

  • SPED HEAD      True story.

    SPED HEAD True story. Comedy Drama A new special education department head (sped head) toils with the harrowing highs and lows of teaching special needs teenagers. Will she be driven to give up or rise above and become the champion they need.

  • True Love

    True Love Romance Comedy When two lonely ready people meet, their unfolding bliss could power the sun. Will their journey of falling in love stand the tests or will their insecurities and broken histories tear them down? 

  • I Killed Nazis

    I Killed Nazis Drama A 95yr old WWII vet relives Battle of the Bulge survival through his memorable life. Will his trauma from the war or impending dementia keep him from telling his story, or will it survive?

  • Gays of Our Lives

    Gays of Our Lives Drama Comedy A community of bitches that keep us in stitches and a few tender loving tears share their literal soap opera lives with us. Get addicted to the fab camp roller coaster about to Dynasty slap you silly.

  • Ludlow Massacre

    Ludlow Massacre Historical Drama The 1914 uprising of marginilized coal miners vs. the Rockefellers degrades into the Ludlow Massacre of 66 men women and children. Federal labor laws result. 

  • Crossings

    Crossings Thriller Three lovers living aboard a sailboat travel the world living the life of paradise. Their indulgences develop into murder until one in the triangle attempts to end their sick game and survive. 


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