Michael Savage Aka Sirtony Member Of Marquis Who's Who In America's Reel

CARLOS & IVONE intro to my film in Development

Historic into to share the Inspiration and Hope from my film CARLOS & IVONE in Development for Humanity ...

Historic Testimonial from STEPHEN PAGE for SIRTONY

Stephen Page ...testimonial for SIRTONY read by Sandy as a gift to help STAGE 32 members get to really know me...

THE MAGIC WORDS Honor for Sirtony

Special update from a historic soul to Honor me and The MAGIC WORDS

THE MAGIC WORDS Intro from Sandy

My historic gift for the CHILDREN THE MAGIC WORDS Promo to help them be LADIES and GENTLEMAN with MANNERS ..I want to give them INSPIRATION EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT !!! THE MAGIC WORDS ....https://www.lulu.com/shop/michael-savage-aka-sirtony/the-magic-words/paperback/product-1qk5gq4d.html?page=1&pageSize=4

Rei AdobeExpress Special Cartoon test by Sirtony

I'm testing Cartoons... to teach Manners ..here is a sample test about The Magic Words ...it .is a One Act Play I created to help them with ENTERTAINMENT to Teach Them MANNERS just a test.. enjoy here is my special link to get a copy.. ...

Tull AdobeExpress Cartoon test 1 by Sirtony

This is the first Cartoon Test .. for THE MAGIC WORDS.. I wanted to TEST the Idea ..to make special Cartoons to educate the World about my special ONE ACT PLAY THE MAGIC WORDS to teach Children MANNERS ..but using ENTERTAINMENT aka a PLAY now I'm experimenting to make it a CARTOON..

Baseball with AdobeExpresseee Cartoon by Sirtony

My special Cartoon test .. here are my historic words to teach the World the TRUE MEANING of BASEBALL... Yes .. watch and LEARN..

Actor Thomas McGuigan Honors Sirtony Films

Special raw update from THOMAS McGuigan regarding Sirtony Films in development... must watch.. THANK YOU THOMAS !!!!!!!!!!

'RIVER OF LIFE' with Steve Jennings By Sirtony

My Historic Award Winning Work Site Links... have a historic Journeyhttp://www.Sirtony.infohttp://www.Sirtony.wix.com/Riverhttp://www.Sirtony.wix.com/MyWorkh...


This is a historic update .. for my films EXECUTION.KILL & TALKING TO STRANGERS~ Lovers & Friends ...soon my historic Gift to humanity will be Born... st...

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