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By Cobus Vermeulen

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

          Thinking you can always outwit those around you and the wheel does not turn, you should think twice. Especially when walking into a very dangerous looking deserted building.


Angelique and her younger sister, Michelle didn’t become wards of the State the day their parents died, because of a drunk driver.

Michelle had just turned 18 and with the system as terrible as it is, they were allowed to stay together in the apartment in the backyard of their family.

So long as there weren’t any issues, no social worker popped around to inspect their lives, thus, excluding their pain and loss of their parents, they somewhat managed to get their lives back on track.

All of this came to a tremendous shattering halt when Michelle went missing.

Now Michelle has to juggle her Journalist University studies and try to find her sister at the same time.

Digging up the truth of the pain Michelle couldn’t move past. The very-very bad choices she made along the way and eventually the hell she ended up at.

While Angelique investigates what her sister had gotten up to since she’d finished High School, Michelle also found others on the same trail she’s on. Unwilling she needs to team-up with the Investigative Production team, not only tracking her sister but what happened to her. Angelique has to deal with issues along the way she thought she’d put away over the years.

Will Angelique be in time to save her sister and if so, would they survive their ordeal when every piece of truth comes to light?


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