Benjie Anderson's Reel

A Heart of Gold

In Development: A drama series written/Directed by Linda J., co-directed by Benjie Anderson

Cancer: A Film by Dr. William L. Sheals

CANCER is the story of the hope of survival for two athletic teenagers, one male, one female, stricken with this insidious disease. This emotional story deal...

Benjie Anderson's Reel

Benjie Anderson's Reel

Benjie Anderson Monologue.mp4

A former black ops official learns one of his operatives may have resurfaced. If true, "it's on!"

Closing Statement

Reggie bullied his way to sex, money and power. This time, he bullied his way right into a casket! Lt. Crawford (played by Benjie Anderson) and his team must determine who killed Reggie. This is timeless subject matter that transcends ANY generation. STOP BULLYING!

Thy Will Be Done

A father's wealth is his daughter's motive.... In this 2012 thriller, The Buckner household is going through turmoil. After giving his daughter everything, it's still not enough...


"The Jack Squad" is the urban tale of three women who have nothing but money on their minds after each one has a loss of financial income. They, unfortunately, have bitten off more than they can chew. Co-starring Benjie Anderson as "Grey" in the 2009 worldwide DVD release.

THE SYSTEM - SAMPLE by user92650602

"There's a "system" to life and living. If the system you choose is causing you to loose, get a new one so you can begin... to live, love, have, give, share, care and grow! Do Ya Thing RIGHT!" "Living in a dream world isn't living... LIVING a dream in the real world is!" -Benjie "TheMan" Anderson Check out the sample of the single before the song drops. I'm sending a message. Thank you!

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"TheMan" raps! DaMan Records presents... Here's something fun I created (w/ Lil' Jimmy Productions) for a project. He (I) can't be serious, right? Mo' better is coming... Seriously! © 2015 DaMan Records. All rights reserved.

Deadly Obsession - a Goldenlake films Production

Lawrence is a successful accountant, but things aren't adding up. Something is happening to his friends... DVD release in 2014; co-starring Benjie Anderson, directed By Albert Davies.

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