Loglines & Screenplays by Stuart Creque

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GENRES: Horror, Thriller

An African-American medical school student is shocked to recognize her dissection cadaver as a homeless man she knew -- and she questions her sanity when the cadaver won't stop talking to her.

Time and Again

GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

To salvage her political career and hang onto her daughter, an ambitious politician persuades a scientist to let her use his time-bending invention to spy on her enemies' past deeds.

There is a Season

GENRES: Action, Fantasy, Thriller

A modern fable about two families trapped, helplessly and hopelessly, in the throes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They don't see any way out of the cycle of violence -- until it starts to snow....


GENRES: Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller

When the side effects of a wildly popular alertness drug cause the working-age population of the world to become murderous psychotics, the unaffected -- teenagers and elderly retirees -- must make it through the masses of maniacs to find a safe haven.

Just Listed

GENRES: Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi

The real estate agent wonders why the young couple insisted on seeing the new listing after nightfall – and how they know all about the horrific deaths that happened there.

Unhappy Endings

GENRES: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

An anthology of five short tales, told to a morgue attendant by the corpses themselves. Murder or misadventure, each of these tales tells how the unfortunate dead met their UNHAPPY ENDINGS.

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