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Pitch Chris Martens (Saturday, July 18th 2020)

Chris Martens

Credits include: American Zealot, Starcrossed, The Dark Comes Quick, Invoking

Sat, Jul 18

Two Piano Films

Chris Martens, Founder/Producer. specializes in Thriller, Action, Horror, and Sci-Fi's, as well as innovative Comedies and Rom Coms that embrace the current pandemic and quarantine that can be shot creatively using remote filming techniques.

Pitch Andrew Wilson (Saturday, July 18th 2020)

Andrew Wilson

Credits include: Client credits incude SAW, Lottery Ticket

Skype spots sold out · 1 written spot left
Sat, Jul 18

Wonderstreet Entertainment

Andrew Wilson, Literary Manager. Andrew specializes in Horror, Thriller, Crime, True Stories & Biopics, Drama, and Comedy Features & Television

Pitch Jon Hersh (Sunday, July 19th 2020)

Jon Hersh

Credits include: This is Africa, Felix, Runt

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Sun, Jul 19

Housefire Management

Jon Hersh, Manager. Jon specializes in all genres of features and television with low- to mid-range budgets. He is interested in writers with unique voices and stories with strong conceptual hooks.

Pitch Alex Kirschenbaum (Saturday, July 25th 2020)

Alex Kirschenbaum

Credits include: Gremlins, Camp Cold Brook, Matinee

6 skype spots left
Sat, Jul 25

Renfield Productions

Alex Kirschenbaum, Development Coordinator. Alex specializes in Horror, Thriller, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Features & Comedy, Horror, Procedural, Sci-Fi, & Family Television

Pitch Audrey Knox (Sunday, July 26th 2020)

Audrey Knox

Credits include: "Grey's Anatomy", "The Blacklist", "Law & Order: SVU", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", "The Vampire Diaries", "Sons of Anarchy", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Psych", "Bones", "Mad Men", "House M.D.", "That '70s Show", "Chicago P.D.", "Family Guy", "Castle", "Community", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "The Brave", "24", "Californication", "Friday Night Lights", "Veronica Mars"

Skype spots sold out
Sun, Jul 26

Literary Management Co.

Audrey Knox, Literary Manager. Audrey specializes in all genres of features and television. 

Pitch Thomas Pemberton (Saturday, August 1st 2020)

Thomas Pemberton

Credits include: Recall, Humanity Bureau, Distorted, Daughter of the Wolf

Sat, Aug 1

Mind's Eye Entertainment

Thomas Pemberton, Development Executive. Thomas is interested in Feature Films and TV Pilots - Crime, Film Noir, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Sci-Fi and Horror. (No Romance, Indie or Superheroes, please.)

Sat, Aug 1

SMG Management

Scott Schulman, Literary Manager. Scott specializes in all genres of Features and Television. 

Pitch David Harris (Sunday, August 2nd 2020)

David Harris

Credits include: Security, Desolation, Hunt to Kill, Viral

Sun, Aug 2

Harris Films, LLC.

David Harris, Producer. David Specializes in  Action, Horror, Sci-fi and features based on established IP.

Sun, Aug 2

First Story Entertainment

Jason Lubin, Manager/Producer. Specializes in commercially-driven material of all genres in film and television, especially Action-adventure, Sci-fi, and TV Procedurals.

Pitch Charlie Osowik (Saturday, August 8th 2020)

Charlie Osowik

Credits include: Doom Patrol, Kept, Disfluency, The First Month, Girl Friend

Sat, Aug 8

Osowik Management

Charlie Osowik, Literary Manager. Interested in Television Drama & Comedy, and all genres of Features.

Stage32 Happy Writers is such a fitting name. Since working with and getting to know Richard RB Botto and the entire staff I've never been happier as a writer. Through the guidance of everyone at Stage32 Happy Writers I have learned all of the do's and don'ts of pitching and have gained an immeasurable amount of confidence. I can tell you first hand that as hard as you have worked on your script, Stage32 Happy Writers will work even harder to get your script into the hands of Hollywood's biggest executives, managers, and producers. When I first discovered Stage32 Happy Writers I was just a small town boy with big dreams and thanks to one of my pitches with Stage32 Happy Writers I now have a script that has been optioned. My sincerest thanks goes out to RB and everyone at Stage32 Happy Writers for all you have done for not only myself, but all writers out there. Stage32 Happy Writers is the new standard for pitching in Hollywood today.
Russ Troutt
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