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Acting Styles...

(Acting Intelligence) There are many different styles of acting afoot in the world today. Don't feel you have to confine yourself to just a single style to work within. What you need to do is explore them all and find the styles that resonate with you personally. Then you can develop your own method of working by determining and combining the elements of each that work best for you. Filling your acting repertoire with as many tools as possible is the strongest way to gain control over your craft.

Joshua Estrada

i couldn't have said it better. thanks for posting this great advice!

Larenzo Simmons

I concur

Sara Dee

Totally agree and I was soooo worried when my first lot of training was cut short and I transferred to a new college then, to rectify this went to a third college for a summer school term. Then took extra tuition in voice, Shakespeare and Method acting. I was thrilled to find myself at an audition where the casting director could not determine the 'school' I went to. It made me realise then, using 'one' technique could actually trip you up into not coming over as very 'real' or 'colour' your performance as badly as not using any techniques at all. Like Larenzo, I totally concur. I've also found a tutor in London that lets you find your own way as he figures 'you' out as an individual performer. He throws you into our own 'traps' until you learn to get yourself out naturally and he can see when that happens like an amazing 'lie detector'. It's amazing to work with him. Really enjoying it.

Meredith Binder

Anyone have any experience with Suzuki technique?

Robert David Kelso

Too many actors worry about Shakespeare and look at it with trepidation. You can play Shakespeare with whatever style/method you want to use. In fact I find playing around with Shakespeare plays to be one of the most rewarding ways to try different techniques. I really like Alyns point as we are all continually learning new things and changing how we work.

Ashiet Moodstrad

I have to agree, sticking to one method can give only one result, but as nuch as you discover, and more explore yourself,it will only get better. And as for Shakespeare, I say classical plays are very richand can give a lot to work with, sometimes more the contemporary plays. Some actors and actresses reject those plays, I think because they think is out of context and because the language is different, but if explored it can become so precious.

Logan Scott Matthews

Many actors today get stuck playing the same character over and over and that scares me as an actor. Explore as many roles and characters as possible and find that personality in you!

Alyn Darnay

Logan, many actors spend too much time learning technique and too little time learning what to do with it after they've developed some technique that works for them. Learning how to break down a script and your part in it and then making it your own is the weakest thing I see actors do over and over again. Literally, you can put 20 actors in a room with the same sides and instead of getting 20 different interpretations you'll actually get the same one over and over again. Technique gives you tools to use, and there are many, but learning what to do with it to create something unique is really what you need to concentrate on.

Anne Stafford

Hi Alyn, with regards to your last comment, do you think we all go for the same interpretation because we're going for the first thing that comes to us and don't take the time (or have the time) to dig a little deeper? Or is it that we're too scared to go out on a limb and try something different, something that may be 'wrong'. Interested to know your thoughts.

Ashiet Moodstrad

I have never seen that in actor, for me every interpretatin is different from the other, even if they play the same part. I think it al depends on the vision you have and what you want to do. And cominucation is important, giving feedback to actors makes everything better. At least I take it with open mind and heart and improve what is required.

Alyn Darnay

Anne...I believe that in the process of preparing the role, many actors actually forget what’s special in them instead of using it. Probably because they allow their mind to take over their process thereby ignoring the fact that that's what will get them the job.

Anne Stafford

Got it. So it comes down to the old adage of 'just be yourself' in the audition room and show who YOU are, rather than trying to second guess what the casting director is looking for.

Alyn Darnay

Yes Anne, as relates to those elements that you find in the character that are similar to you, that you can modify to your interpretation and the script. Be yourself yes, but go for character every time, it's what they're looking for. Find those elements in the character closest to you, and use them, that's where you'll find the uniqueness of your performance.

Larenzo Simmons

This discussion was very informative! Glad I had the opportunity to listen in, so to speak. I always approach my roles in a naturalistic way. Thanks

Anne Stafford

Great, thanks Alyn, your feedback is much appreciated.

Christopher Kardos

@Meredith: The Suzuki technique is too small for theater, lol. I also agree and that's exactly why I did just that! Exploring all the 'techniques' and 'methods' out there, all their versions, etc and took what works for me. And thank God for Meisner! He gave me most of what I use today. But of course, hats off to every acting teacher who developed their own technique!

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