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Matthew Bennett

Job Search!

So what do you guys think is the best way to find a job in acting? Of course there's coaches and classes you can take, experiences you should have, but where should you go? What people should you meet? How would you meet them? What studios or agencies are most likely to recruit newbies? I'm asking all these questions for the ones who think they are good enough and want to try their hand. I hope this can be an open discussion because I know there isn't one true right answer.

Joe Atinsky

At the very least, you can find background acting through ""

Jorge J Prieto

Hey, Matt, always check the JOBS section here at Stage 32. I would get involved in regional or community theater in your city, just to keep the acting muscle working. Acting workshops and technique classes helped me a lot, although my first passion is screenwriting, but hope this helped, buddy.

Jody Ellis

My son got a few paid acting gigs through Craigslist. Just make sure it's a reputable business! We have some ad agencies that occasionally post for commercials they are shooting.

Izzibella Beau

Since the topic is acting, are there actors out there that are willing to get experience with a new producer/writer/director for little or no pay? I believe someone had mentioned local college theatre and such. Are there any more suggestions?

Bruce King

Audition for whatever parts fit you (as long as it's legit). Auditions for your area are listed on websites like Backstage, Casting Call pro, Actors Access, Cast It Talent, Facebook, etc. In my region we also have Short Film Texas. In-between auditions film yourself doing monologues or scenes and watch them, checking especially for being believable. Read books on auditioning. Taking action is pretty much IT in this business. You will get to know people and they will think of you later for acting jobs (maybe, if you're good). But, don't worry about being a beginner. I know about a first-timer that got drunk and went to an audition for a Richard Linklatter film and got a speaking role (don't recommend).

Joe Becker

If you're just getting started and need the experience, look for 48 hour film challenges, student films, and local indie films. As Jody said, look on Craigslist under gigs - down in the lower right hand corner. Also keep asking here on Stage 32, and looking for opportunities here. Join Facebook movie groups in your area. Be sure they're filmmaking groups, and not film fan groups. Join Acting groups as well. Look for groups on LinkedIn and Meetup. Check with your local colleges, and ask about parts in live theater as well as film, TV, and other video work. There is also local community theater. I started out in film on 48 hour film challenges.

James Boone

I swas invited for an audition by featherless productions. They actually specifically for new talent

Bruce King

James. It looks like Featherless Productions is someone out of Laramie, WY, located at the U. of Wyoming casting one specific movie. On the legitimacy scale (1 being LOL and 10 being a big studio feature film) I would say about a two.

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