Acting : Seeking Help to Get Started by Allie Maldonado

Allie Maldonado

Seeking Help to Get Started

Y'all, friends, guys, brethren! I am having so much trouble getting truly started on this journey. The town I live in (Lubbock, Texas) is currently so lacking in the arts department, and no matter how much I try to reach out or create projects or put myself out there, nobody invests or takes it seriously. I also sing and I am always trying to find people to duet/create with in my spare time, and no luck there either. I know I need to move to really get going, but I can't afford it for now and I am tired of being a sitting duck in the mean time. Any advice, suggestions, help, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Dan MaxXx

Kiss goodbye to family and friends, Buy a one way bus ticket to Los Angeles. Live on credit cards, find a steady job and a place to live.

Andrew Bee

This is a challenging question, Allie. You are where you are now, with a dream. From what you have written, you have to move to a larger centre. Very, very few people work out their negativity around money. it is a beautiful thing, and you must have it to live in our world. So save every cent, keep training yourself, and move as fast as you can.

Some people are able to take a leap of faith and move with virtually no money. If that is you, terrific, if not, save an amount that makes you feel safe and then move. Do whatever it takes.

The frightened, numb people in this world always find an excuse for not living their dreams and money and locations are two of the best ones.

Kate Lingoni

Hi Allie! I have no real basis for this advice as I only recently decided to start pursuing acting, but I am also temporarily stuck in a small town with few resources or money to spare. My suggestion is to bide your time and work on yourself (your craft) while saving money to move to a larger city. Work your day job. Read books on technique, plays, scripts, whatever interests you. Practice lines, play memory games, analyze TV/film, people-watch to gain insight on expressions, movements, interactions. Do something every day to better yourself so that when you are able to move you will be ready to jump right in. If you like to create and need an outlet, try filming yourself and posting to Youtube, Vine, Funny or Die, etc. As far as cities go, I have heard that New Orleans and Atlanta are both decent alternatives to LA in regards to TV & film, but I'm not sure about stage. Hope this helps!

Christopher Wisniewski

Hi Everyone, there is only one thing to start off with. Look for some popular theatres near you or in the towns closest to you. Then, just walk in and tell them what you're here for. They'll point you in the right direction. Search for a union franchised agent as well.

Paul Mahoney

You might have already tried these, but are there any aspiring writers/directors that you can team up with to make some short films or webisodes? Many unproduced writers would love to get some of their short stories made, but lack connections. Try attending a local writers group, to meet them. Another possible option could be a local theatre company? Are there any websites such as or Craigslist that list unpaid/paid acting jobs?

Debbie Croysdale

Some film festivals have Intern jobs available, all over Europe. Apply for a job in an industry you already love, then go auditions in spare time.

Allie Maldonado

Thank you so much everyone for the feedback!! I can't respond to your comments individually, but I will message you all:)

Jamaal R. James

Reach out to people on youtube. Or use green screens and have actors or creatives act against green screens then have them send you the footage. Reach out on social media to people who's style you like. Just find something creative to do each day. There's people who are creative in the town but are scared to bring it out. Your a leader and it wont be the whole town but others will start to show their artistic side by you doing what you're doing. Stay positive.

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