Acting : What is the best way to set up a casting call? by Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

What is the best way to set up a casting call?

Hi, I'm about to start casting for my next short film and i want to hold a casting call so i can use actors other than my personal friends. I want to know where is the best place to hold one and how do i actually find actors and get people to show up. This will be my first time holding one so any tips and feedback is welcome, thanks.

D Marcus

The best place to hold a casting call is in a local theater or acting class. The way you find actors and get them to show up is to place an audition notice, collect head shots/resumes, call the ones you want to see and schedule an audition. Tips: Have someone in the lobby to check in actors, pass out sides and answer questions so you can be in another room auditioning them. Offer bottled water, tea and coffee.

Jonathan Williams

Thank you both. Those are both really good suggestions. When I start casting ill let you know how it goes.

William Ayers

hi Jonathan.....keep me posted about your project and when/where you are looking to cast and/or shoot. Would be very interested. Also, can submit my headshot/resume to you via email if that works?

Jonathan Williams

I will keep you posted Williams, and that would be great to have a look at your headshot and resume. My Email is

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

wow, Johathan, this is right on time , well, since I just saw it ... I am at that moment also, and there are many casting sites online.. ei.. Stage32, just go to the production section and choose casting, post that you are doing a casting call and allow people to message you. Depending on your area, there may be an online casting site for your local area.. ei.. SFCasting for the San Francisco Bay Area. Hit up the social networks for locals and find a place where one of your scenes will be located.. that is the best place to cast. Just my opinion, otherwise, find a recreation center, banquet room, staged area, anywhere really. I may be giving one at a Recreation center at the location where a scene will be. Good Luck! Much Success!

Ellecina Eck

Jonathan, I was in your shoes earlier in May this year, when casting for my first film. I held mine at a church -- typically not the first choice of filmmakers, but for a low-budget project, it worked just fine. I had my AD in the lobby with the list of actors that had signed up/said they would come. When they arrived, she had them fill out the necessary paper work (release form if you're filming the auditions, as well as actor info sheets), and was there to answer any of their questions. In regards to getting people to show up (always a scary thought -- I had my doubts, too), I posted casting calls on two main sites: and I had a lot of responses from actorspages, but most of them came from star-struck teens who couldn't spell worth crap (plz consider me 4 ur movie. I wanna act so baddddd!). is good, because it reaches a lot of people, and that's where I found one of my crew members, too. I told anyone that was interested to email me (I set up an email specifically for receiving resumes/headshots; mine was*). From there, I sorted through actors I liked the look of or experience, and gave them an audition time. If they accepted the audition, I put them on our list. If you're doing an open call, just advertise it quite a bit and you're sure to get a gathering. I also posted notices in two different local theatres. Just make sure that any attending actors know that they won't be reimbursed for any travel expenses to/from audition, that is, if you're not willing to do that. :) is a pretty good site. The talent that's on there is typically pretty serious. It's simple and free to set up an account as a CD, and you can post a project and start reviewing actors' submissions. Keep us up to date!

Rick Jey

As an actor, I have a few contact agencies but am also using Stage 32, and Actors Access. I am with Images Agency out of St.Louis. Please include them in your casting call. I would love to review the parts to see if there would be something for me. Thanks Jonathon. Rick

Hester Schell

Hey Jonathan... Get my book.. My publisher is running a holiday special for the holidays: Step by step. The first book on casting FOR DIRECTORS, from Michael Wiese Productions, the world leader in film DIY guide books. From industry standard to procedures. Dozens of 5 star reviews on AMAZON.

David Brown

Some libraries have rooms they let people use for free. That's what I did for my first two films. Whatever you do, don't hold auditions in your home. There are many websites where you can post audition notices for free. Google "auditions" and see which ones you want to post your notice on. Also, if you have a local paper, consider putting an audition notice in that. None of this, of course, means actors, or more importantly good actors will show up. I have actors submit audition videos before auditioning them in person; this helps to weed out the good from the bad.

Jose Alvarez

Even here

Karen Goldfarb

HI Jose.. I've used Actors Access and Nyc castings.. they've both been great.. as far as auditions.. I've rented rehearsal space from rehearsal studios nyc.. they are great as well.. Best, Karen

Laurice Fattal

Backstage and Actors Access will get you hundreds of submissions

Jonathan Williams

Thank you so much for all the feedback guys. It has really opened my eyes on the different routes I can take when casting. Ill be sure to keep you posted on what I decide to do an how it goes. Thanks again.

Evie Marie Warner

I posted on craigslist and audition sites. I held my audition in a meeting room at the local library. It worked very well. Best of luck!

Christopher Kardos

Though it is easy to rent a studio even for an hour here in NYC for casting or rehearsals, I'm not sure how easy this is in Newcastle, Australia. Though there are a few local websites/companies that might be able to help you out in casting the right actors (at least imo, it might be worth a try): All the best

Tom Proctor

Rick Jey

Greg Wolfe

This site is a great way too. I have been in several films and auditioned for others because of Stage 32. Actors Access is a good site but I believe that people have to pay to apply to the roles. Some might read it and skip but they may be unaware that they are skipping on a great opportunity. What city and state will this be filmed? All the best and Happy New Year!

D Marcus

Finding actor and setting up a casting call are different things.

Hester Schell

Use a professional space. Set up your producer/director table. Provide a chair. Require a short monologue. Bring someone to run camera and someone else to run the lobby and door. See the chapter in the book I mentioned earlier. CASTING REVEALED. Available on Amazon.

Christopher Kardos

Afaik, Jon is in Newcastle, Australia, so Actors Access will not be helpful, unless it is to see the format of how things are done here in the US.

Rich Parrish

Hey John, Just came across this, I'm an actor, what and where is the gig, if you need more actors contact me.

Sam Mandavi

Hey!! John! im here for help!!

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