Acting : Why Do All Actors Have a Brick Wall Headshot? by Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Why Do All Actors Have a Brick Wall Headshot?

Why Do All Actors Have A Brick Wall Headshot? - Daniel Johnson Films
Why Do All Actors Have A Brick Wall Headshot? - Daniel Johnson Films
I only very rarely see human beings standing near walls. Yet actors, they stand by them all the time. Not in their normal day to day lives, at least not as far as I'm aware. But as soon as they decide…
Vidas Pliodzinskas

Blame their "Professional Photographer"

Kenneth David Swenson

As a semi-professional photographer, if somebody is noticing the background instead of the model; I've failed somehow.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Daniel, never heard of this. I'm a playwright in NYC and, when the director auditions, I get to view all the headshots. I've seen hundreds. The actors in NYC are always photographed in front of a simple BLANK screen.

Tony Semanik

Welll...sometimes it provides a good neutral but interesting background with natural lighting. Guilty as charged.

Kenneth David Swenson

also remember; dark backgrounds for lighter haired people, light backgrounds for darker hair. Unless you want to try back light for definition; but that can get tricky.

Anne Stafford

Hi Daniel, a great question and my actor response to it is that on both occasions when I've had the brick wall headshot, it has been the photographer's choice - I think the idea being that it's natural light etc. Now that I have my brick wall shots (!!!) I will be insisting on studio, as I do think the brick wall thing has had its day and is possibly a distraction from the main event i.e. ME!

Christian Seel

When I've photographed people (actors, musicians, models) on the west coast, a lot of them want a shot that includes some out of focus background. Why people want this, I have no idea. My guess is, they walk around the side of the building where they live and get a "natural light" portrait. I feel like on the east coast, people are more likely to want seamless/studio backdrops. My subjective experience.

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