Why do we allow ourselves to be shamed as actors?

I'm just tossing this out there coz it really bothers me! The sheer shaming we get in the biz as actors! WTF? Why do people in the biz shame us actors and WHY do we tolerate it? This goes from agents, casting directors, directors, producers and even co-stars! Something "horrible" happened to one of my creative pals recently that made me really think about the"creative shaming" that goes on in this biz and how much of it I've endured and have kept silent about. She was on a reality TV show where the celebrity judges completely dismissed her work and talent and she didn't feel the power to tell them to "go to hell" but stood there and took the humiliation. It made me think about the agent who dropped me after I had booked out with her coz she got me a last minute TV audition…the time I went to a "coach" for help on a part and he stopped me every 5 seconds to criticize me until I left in tears (and paid the Dbag $160)…the Casting Director who kept giving ME notes about a cue that I missed coz the other actor would never give me the correct cue line. These are just 3 examples of a string of insults and slurs I've withstood.Am I the only one who feels this way? Why don't we stand up for ourselves as actors? Why do we feel we must endure the "shaming" that goes on as "The Biz"?

Mark Heartford

i hear what you saying but I like you to think about people as a whole not just the acting creative side , through life we will all meet people you judge us and either tell us directly or indirectly how they see us, now the choice we have is to either keep quite or get angry at them but also another choice is to forget them as the only judge is yourself, you only know if you done good or bad and even then does not matter as all of this acting side of life is down to luck , so go to auditions learn what you can , up to you if you want to fight or forget them as in the end is it worth it to have a go at them? you might never see these people again and think about this if there having a go at you it show how small minded there are, so rise above them as through life we all have to go through pain, so do not look at is as shaming as the shaming is for the other attidue not yours

C Harris Lynn

^^^ That's why.

JD Hartman

Maybe your not "tough" enough mentally to be an actor. Criticism, correction, rejection, etc., the staple of an actors diet, if not palatable, then maybe this isn't for you.

Debbie Croysdale

Its LIFE IN GENERAL that brings out psychic vampires who feed off and revel in Patronisation of others. Actors are in a special "highlighted" position where they are in the spotlight..... and in some cases open up to their inner most sanctum in front of strangers EG The shows you mentioned/Auditions etc. Bad shit is around every corner but usually it doesn't TOUCH our innermost selves. People with fine sensibilities and moral conscience get hurt by comments made by critics. Use your emotion to FIRE your performance, but don't give a shit about their verbal diarrhoea.

C Harris Lynn

No, actors are treated like shit.