Acting : Why is it so difficult for me to become an extra? by Kimberly Remsen

Kimberly Remsen

Why is it so difficult for me to become an extra?

I am having such a hard time finding work to be an extra and there is nothing near me and I don't want to travel outside of town. Should I give up?

Nelle Nelle

Hey Kimberly, are you finding that there is a lack of opportunities where you are at? Unfortunately as an extra you are really going to need to be near production. Maybe you could plan to keep an eye on what's filming in NYC? But when you are in a smaller market, productions tend to not use or need as many paid extras. Good luck!

Kimberly Remsen

Yes I am. I live about 6hrs from NYC and the train tickets are not cheap. Maybe I should just give up my dream. :(

JD Hartman

You're north of Albany, nothing shooting there? Try colleges that have film programs, it won't be paying work, but better than nothing.

Tony Fisher

Hey Kimberly, I can sympathise with you as I have a similar problem in the UK. This is why Im packing up my gear and moving to london in the new year.

Scarlett Trani

Kimberly, isn't there any job that you can do part time in NY for affording to pay a rent, while you keep busy at the same time with film projects ? Get a list of things you know how to do, abilities, and what/where you want to do/be and be brave and confident xx

JD Hartman

You might explore background roles on Orange is the New Black, which shoots in Ct. Although I can't remember where. Always looking for extras, guards, visitors, etc.

Edward A Haynes Jr

The business comes with challenges, so if you're really serious about this, then don't give up. Just keep looking, as you're bound to find work eventually.

John Conrad

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Tina Goldsack

I do a lots of extra work in Vancouver and loved on all shows. Then I started getting asked if I was an actress! So I went to film school. I do have a future role. . But may not pursue acting so much now as many scripts I got . . Were nude scenes! I am way to cold and modest do them! Ha! But I still love acting and film and even helping the best TV shows come alive with a bunch of us extras if so fun! Very busy in Vancouver and even a shortage of people i here! In Extras and crew! I am being hounded to work in costumes!

Kimberly Remsen

Well Tina good for you. Nice to see someone is following a dream that I know is just being taken away from me no matter how hard I try to accomplish this.

Connie Poot-Langille

Kimberly, as someone who is a fresh face in the film industry, I completely understand your struggle. If acting is what lights your fire, then advertise yourself as much as possible. Put an ad for yourself on platforms such as kijiji or local bulletin boards, plaster yourself on Star Now and honestly, this may be one of those situations where you have to take a leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone by leaving your town for a project. (I'm not suggesting moving away, I mean taking a train or bus type of thing) I hope that whatever you decide to do from here fares you well and that you can find a way to make your dream a reality! Best of luck!

Kimberly Remsen

I REFUSE to do Star Now or Casting 360 or Talent 6 all they have done is proven they are worthless. Leap of faith what are you talking about COnnie?

Jerome they need voice actors?

Kimberly Remsen

I just for some reason it seems no matter how close I get I get beaten every damn time

Christopher Trastoy

Hey Kimberly. After reading your posts I can see that you are upset that things are not going the way you want them to. Acting is a tough business for us all. May I ask why have you said that talent 6, Casting 360, and Star Now, is worthless?

I live in NJ and commute to NYC almost daily. Although, my commute is short, NYC is where most of the work happens on the east coast (Not All). It is just the way it is. I can tell you one thing though, if your dream is to do extra work... why not fulfill your dream? If you live in Manhattan and are really serious, you can probably work all week as an extra. There are so many shows and casting agencies constantly looking for extras.

Christopher Trastoy

Jerome A Moses I am about to check that site out! I have no credits doing voice-overs!

Kimberly Remsen

Ok Christopher you want to know why I said Talent 6, Casting 360 and Star now is worthless is because I posted on there and applied for work. Didn't get chosen and was taken for a lot of money

Tina Goldsack

I also know that it is important to have a good portfolio. If you check my pictures. . you will see that I have many looks. Casting Directors really know our looks and need to visualize it for a film. It is still a job you are applying for. . . If you agent sees you as a mom, wench, nurse, rich or poor. . . it makes a difference. Thrift stores are an awesome place to get some wardrobe for cheap. And get a friend to take some cool shots in a good location. I often sew my own creations!

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