Your Stage : Is there still room for claymation / stop motion in a world more and more hooked on 3D? by Yvonne Haugen

Yvonne Haugen

Is there still room for claymation / stop motion in a world more and more hooked on 3D?

Exhibit A: My latest music video for indie singer/songwriter Shawn Ford - in stop motion:

Diane Kryzaniak

Awesome work guys!

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you, you are very kind!

Stephano Christophero Aka Pandaman

Always loved Claymation. It's Classic Stuff Yvonne! And, it will always be it's own special type of animation! It's like ole cars and muscle cars and comic books etc! Hold On To What Your Heart Enjoys! Nice Work! Oh and hey, what kind of software does that? And wouldn't it work kina the same for my stuffed animals in a music video? I'd love to figure out how to make them come to life so to speak! Am a musician, singer songwriter and I have a mess of stuffed animals and would love to do that and, Be able to make the mouth move accurately with my voiceovers. Do you know if that is the same software? Maybe one day we can do a project! Keep up the good work!

Yvonne Haugen

Hi Stephano! Thanks for connecting, and for your supportive comment! I Do have my heart set on stop motion animation (and especially clay), even if the world is moving on ... And yes, it can, and often IS done with puppets (or in your case: stuffed animals). The clue is in the name, "stop-motion". You take one picture, make a tiny movement, stop and take a new picture. Then you piece the images together. Regular film is usually 24 frames per second, animation often 12-15. Software could be anything from Adobe After Effects in one end to the free Windows Movie Maker (or something similar on a Mac). There are tons of different possibilities. I'm thinking of making a basic how-to video on youtube, since many seem to ask how it's done. I should probably do it ...yes? Stay in touch man, and maybe we could collaborate one day - I never worked with pandas before ;)

James David Sullivan

"Works well with clay...."

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you James! :)

James David Sullivan

You are very welcome!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Yvonne - incredibly talented. Amazing the emotion you captured from an inanimate object (clay) - I agree with James "works well with clay" :) Bravo!

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you so much Julie! I love clay, although the "thing" that makes it special (imo) is also what makes it very vulnerable - like when your character falls over mid scene and squishes his nose ... ;)

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Yvonne. Within the last 6-8 months, I've seen 3D applied in a stop motion short film (a kind of fantasy thriller). Keeping in mind that I'm a thorough non-techie, it worked quite well for me in that genre.

Blake Senftner

The medium does not matter. What matters is your artistic ability to communicate the human condition. That does not necessarily mean somber material. Our "human condition" includes all our emotions, all our hopes, all our fears, and all our stupidities. Your talent is obvious. Keep producing.

Yvonne Haugen

Thank you for that great comment, Blake! :)

Hiram Watkins

Great work! Great way to build the story and bring the song to life. Takes a lot of patience for this type of animation. Great job!

Yvonne Haugen

Thanks Hiram! Yes it DOES take patience, but it's also a lot of fun! Happy to hear that you like it! ♥

John F Tupper

Hey there's Laika's "Box Trolls", and others, so yeah keep it up.

C T Ågren

As someone growing up with czechish animated films I say it will always be room for claymation. This is a really good animation! Good narrative technique.

James David Sullivan

"Even a lowly piece of clay attains a soul in a master's hands."

James Wilson

still lots of room,my daughter is looking to intern in that very field. any leads shoot them to me

Yvonne Haugen

Great comments! I'm feeling encouraged :) I know I will always love me some decent stop motion & clean claymation in particular - even if it is a slowly dwindling craft ... ♥

James David Sullivan

I think one or both of "The Book of Life" and the "Boxtrolls" is claymation. ("The Book of Life" I believe is a computer-animated simulation of claymation.) "Quality never goes out of style!"

Mark Calvo

Look at the popularity of Robot Chicken. Stop action is very much alive in my opinion

James David Sullivan

Why did the Robot Rooster cross the street? To get to the Robot Hen!

Mark Ratering

looking for 90 min animation pieces Middle East Distribution

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Yvonne - did you see we have a Stage 32er who's claymation feature screened at Cannes this year? It's called The Hunting of the Snark by Saranne Bensusan.

Yvonne Haugen

Hi Julie, sorry I never saw your comment until now. That's very cool!

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