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Pamela Preston


I am working on a student thesis film in Vermont and looking for film insurance for the project. It is short and we have small budget but want to be covered. Can anyone direct me?

Amanda Toney

Hey Pamela, this is Shannon from the Stage 32 team. I just wanted to let you know I moved your post from Anything Goes to Producing, as it fits much better there. Let me know if you have any questions, and all the best to you!

Chris Anthony

yes pamela actually its quite easy use this company called Brown and Brown ive used them for multiple projects that i produced and produced for others pending on your state they will have the coordinator deal with it.Based out of Florida but have offices everywhere. There Underwriters work at a timely manner majority of there accounts our with schools in our country. Best, Chris

Pamela Preston

Thanks Chris, can you send me link to Brown and Brown, I will try to contact them.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

You can also try Daniel R'Bibo (

Pamela Preston

Thank you Chris and Julie!

Anthony López

You can get quotes from Film Emporium ( and Abacus (

Maura Anderson

Fractured Atlas is great and offers cheap options for insurance.

Martin G Castaneda

I'd like to recommend Pamela. She has been an excellent Line Producer for my MFA thesis project "Joan in Owl Land".

Douglas Hodges

I also do short term and bigger budget stuff

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