Anything Goes : Look Books ?? by Larry Biela

Look Books ??

I am seeking a pro to do Look Books for films !!! Please message me at

Larry Biela

That is some of the information we are seeking, do you have a portfolio or website we can look at some of your work? I can also be reached through email directly,

Nancy Naigle

Look books? New term for me.

WL Wright

I've seen some great examples of all those secondary pitch materials online. Sometimes they are so impressive it shakes my confidence in creating one. Then I laugh and say hey it's pics and less pages than any script so if you believe in your script, you have to do it. I still haven't done one, but I'm loving that features don't ask for any of that, it's all the series stuff that want it. But I get it, the big picture, the feel, the whole banana of idea and expansion. Yep, I;m getting there. It's on my list.

Debbie Croysdale

A couple of years back I did a few of my own look books using Microsoft Publisher tool. I am NOT pro computer expert but I could not find anyone to do my look books in a hurry, so it was a needs must situation. Publisher is not rocket science and it was pretty easy to get out a few usable ideas but the pages turn by an arrow bottom right of each page. For a more pro effect Flip html5 has a turning page tool, more like holding a book in ones hand. I always use look books as a part of directors vision but rarely at script pitches. @Larry hope you found a good artist by now but if not, maybe try by your own hand? Often an outside artist may be excellent but they never “exactly” get on the page, whatever it is inside the mind of the author/director.

Doug Nelson

Look book... Anything like Look Magazine?

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