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Erik Niel

Camera types

Hi all, I am setting to up to shoot a short film. It will be shot in a desert type location, and will require a fair amount of moving shots. The film is an homage to the old Twilight Zone series. I looking to capture very cinematic type shots. The production will be for 3 -4 days max, with a low budget, and will be submitted to top festivals. What camera types would you recommend for this type of job? Also, any DP's interested in this job please contact me. Thanks all, Cheers, Erik

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

An inexpensive entry in is the Canon T series (t5i) or a Canon 5D.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Maybe network with Richard Landry - he's selling some equipment.

Hunter Mossman

I would find and lock in your DP first. Then let him or her choose what camera system would best suit the production.

Tony Glaser

We've been using the Canon 5D MKII and III with the magic lantern hack. It's been giving us great footage. Also Sony a7s is a great little camera as well.

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