Composing : Hans Zimmer on composing for Gladiator by Johannes Kern

Johannes Kern

Hans Zimmer on composing for Gladiator

I am sure most of you have already seen this video - so have I, but I stumbled on it just right now again and wanted to share it with you. These videos always give me motivation to go on... e.g. he says that he had 48 different "main themes" for the lion king. Wow! Happy composing. :-)

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

This is an awesome share. His mind is really incredible.

Johannes Kern

Absolutely - you can watch almost every video with him to get inspired. Julie, have you seen the "Behind the scenes" from his concert "HZ Revealed" from London? With a little time you should do so. :-) -

Zac Stryker

I love the "Earth Theme" from this film. I heard a little while ago that while he was composing for this film, he was consulting with Klaus Badelt on the first Pirates movie. It's interesting hearing some of the similarities. They are really subtle, but they're there.

Johannes Kern

Yes, often there are similarities in HZ themes (which is a good thing imho) - King Arthur is also very "close relative" this this film. :-)

Arhynn Descy

Love it! Hadn't seen this before. I love how thoughtful he is in his approach.

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