Composing : How Hans Zimmer composed for "Interstellar" by Andre Corrales

Andre Corrales

How Hans Zimmer composed for "Interstellar" It turns out that Hans Zimmer wrote the central themes in Interstellar's score before he even knew anything about the movie.

Joel Irwin

That is very 'typical'. All I need to write a film theme is a genre (and sometimes a synopsis of the plot). In fact, as you may or may not know, when a team competes in a the '48 hour film project', they have to pick a genre at the beginning of the competition. So last year, since music is the ONLY thing that can exist for a film before the competition, I decided about 2 weeks before the competition to write a bunch of themes (usable also for the end titles). Each theme, if used, had to be under 1 minute. I did one every two days and ended up with 8 - majestic/outdoor/presidential, who dun it/mystery, horror/scary, film noir, love, love, nicolas cage style, comic. Listen at: When the competition started they picked film noir.

Shawn Speake

Good stuff!

Kenneth David Swenson

Joel took a seem to do better with lighter...liked 2,4,5,6

Matt Milne

it's more typical for games for me, often writing the main themes months before the rest. However for film, I prefer to work to the footage directly, as it is converted to music in my head. I feel it creates more effective timing, and a closer emotional connection.

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