Composing : Need practice by Nathan Bell

Nathan Bell

Need practice

Hey guys. Do you know of any videos, with sound design but no music that I could use for composing practice? Thanks!!

Nathan Bell

Thanks for the reply. I've tried a bit of that, and they generally seem to be already scored or are really bad films

Christopher Christofi

There are plenty of creative commons videos under license to alter and share alike on the net. Once I stumbled upon a filmmaker who created some videos specially for music dubbing, with dialogues and everything but it was not free. What I did, I took some videos and edited out the scored parts and tried to work out what was left. Or took some animation in other instances and recreated the sound along with the music.

Dana Solomon

Funny you ask, I actually discovered this site, I believe indirectly from some article I was reading: "" The entire purpose of this site is for EXACTLY what you are asking for; film without a soundtrack so that you can practice your craft as a composer. The catch is, you have to pay for the movies they have available to download and score. But they are not expensive, and they certainly give you an opportunity to practice scoring. And it's okay to add it to your portfolio if you want. - Dana

Nathan Bell

Thanks heaps guys, I'll give the site a look Dana

Jim Pfeifer

Hi Nathan, another thing you might try is connecting with some local film makers and see if there are any film contests going on, and offer to help score someone's film for the contest. These can be a great way to get some experience with the process and also network with local people involved in film making. I've been doing this in my area and it was a great experience.

Jeremy Christopher

When asked this, most would say that "Cast Away" has very little to no score.

Nathan Bell

Cheers guys, my uni is actually partnering with another uni to collaborate over scoring for film, so that's a good start. I'll also have a look at festivals and the like

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