Composing : Sense of space by Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price

Sense of space

There are orchestral sample libraries that capture the space an instrument is recorded in, often with varying mics so you can create your own sense of distance/space. I personally love the way the EWQL Hollywood Orchestra was recorded, with a very natural sense of space and distance. But its playability doesn't compare to using Sample Modeling with a WX5 controller, so I tend to mix and match SM with EW. But Sample Modeling doesn't have that natural sense of space, even though its modeling is based on samples. The Kontakt patches for its brass have a virtual soundstage, which helps quite a lot. But even with a good IR, it can still be a chore to create a sense of space that nails realism (and matches the EW samples). The basic tools I use to create space/distance are covered really well in this Pro Audio Files video...

Linwood Bell

I was on the Overloud site the other day because I needed to upgrade VKFX and while I was there, I checked out Rematrix. I didn't pull the plug yet, but it looked like a fun tool to have.

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