Composing : The Marvel Symphonic Universe by Barak Shavit

Barak Shavit

The Marvel Symphonic Universe

Mark Saltman

Ma Nishma Barak -- yeah, this is mostly true and makes some really good points-- whats missing is the real reason why you don't remember their tunes-- which is the lack of repeated thematic melodic material. The old spider man and bat man themes which a person sung here were actually just blues-- minor blues in the case of spider man. the StarWars and Bond themes were repeated many times throughout the films in different ways and therefor got into people's ears-- they are actual melodic themes.

Samuel Estes

That's because there has been a generation of filmmakers that have thought melody distracts from the storytelling of a film (its also "safer" to not have a melody). I have been in the room with many of these level of film makers that really, really do not want a melody... Makes no sense to any of the composers on these projects... but hey - they ask, you deliver... at least there are a few film (and many TV shows) that are still using melody.

Mark Saltman

Samuel-- completely agree with you-- its baffling to me-- unless as a filmmaker you specifically want a sort of out of body non-emotional thing-- then its on target.

Giovanni Bonura

Maybe you want to take a look at this video, it's a response made by Dan Golding to the Marvel symphonic universe video, very very interesting

Barak Shavit

Giovanni, that was very interesting! Thanks:)

Mark Saltman

Yeah I saw that a couple days ago too-- think he got to the main point at the very end discussing the difference between textures and themes

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