Composing : What do you guys think about the use of Title Tracks for a Series or Movie? by Samuel Estes

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Samuel Estes

What do you guys think about the use of Title Tracks for a Series or Movie?

Wanted to share with you an article on the topic, curious how you all feel about having a title sequence and establishing a theme for the show through it.

Matt Milne

of course it matters, you're introducing the audience to the material that's going to bind together the rest of the film, and guide them through their experience. But you need much more than one theme, as many as there are plots and characters, that you introduce and use throughout the film.

Jonathan Price

I like McCreary's use of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.'s main title music as a recurring motive in the series. Very nice. In the inappropriate main title category, I can think of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE's opening song. It literally made me watch something else, which is too bad, because the series was actually really good once I forced myself to get past the title sequence (years after it was cancelled).

Samuel Estes

@Jonathan, totally agreed with you, Enterprise was a disaster from that opening song, really put me on a sour "note" with the entire series. Bear knows whats up, some of my favorite TV shows of recent have had his imprint in some capacity... @Matt, yes you always need more than one theme or sound or whatever that sonically ties together a video as a whole, but this was specifically talking about establishing the title sequence, and what makes it important, you'd be surprised how many decision makers decide to make just a title card over the sequence, reasons behind it are complex, but really do more harm than good to not have the sequence (IMHO).

Matt Milne

I've always had one main theme and a bunch of sub themes in the title sequence @Sam, and it matters because It's a part of the rest of the show, was my point. I too despised the Enterprise theme, producers sometimes get strange ideas usually to the detriment of their production (Enterprise had other problems as anyone who worked on it will testify, but that's a different discussion :-) )

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