Filmmaking / Directing : Getting Product Placement/Merchandise in films and tv series by Shakeerah Mcpherson

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Getting Product Placement/Merchandise in films and tv series

Whats the best way to get product placement for low budget films or free merchandise for a project? Just curious of anyone can share their experiences. Thanks

Amanda Toney

One of my webinar presenters talked about this in his webinar, David Paterson: You may also want to try networking with John T. Trigonis - he might have ideas.

Richard "RB" Botto

Agree on David's webinar. There are many ways to go about securing product placement, but many can be quite costly. Worth the investment to know how to go about navigating this area.

Elisabeth Meier

From my experience as a former media manager for the Coca-Cola Company in Berlin I can tell you that filmmakers simply should write a letter to the marketing management and pr management of companies. So, I had the case of a sponsoring request for "Taking Sides" which was refused in the region of course as the areas usually don't have the budget for such a sponsoring. Hence, I had to refuse it although the movie was filmed in the region of Berlin. I found it strange because well known actors such as Moritz Bleibtreu, Harvey Keitel and Stellan Skarsgard were signed. Well, long story short, I waited before I wrote my refusing letter and so the film team called me to ask personally. Well, I thought it wasn't against the rules and won't hurt anyone if I tell them it would be smarter to contact the Headquarter as I had to decline it and I ask them to ask for support there (without telling they already contacted us). They did of course. So, the sponsor request came right back and they got more than they thought. Hence, never give up, try different ways, write first and call a few days later as the personal contact sometimes lead to more than the letter alone. Further, think big and write to those companies that usually sponsor films, sports and big events. They mostly don't want a product placement, but sponsor the catering or equipment like for example one of these old Coke bottle automats etc. If you are only looking for money then you have to make a little business plan to show them their win-win. Tell them, what they can place, which lengths, offer them an appearance of their logo in the opening, VIP tickets and such things. Good luck!

Elisabeth Meier

Steven - that's what I told you. I will e-mail you directly.

Norman Jones

Thanks for the information.. I will use your suggestions.

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Thank you all!! Great suggestions. Yes I was looking for products to sponsor not funding with money so these were great suggestions. Elisabeth, Amanda and Richard! I appreciate it

Vince Jeffers

On Linkedin, advanced search, Title--put product Placement, it list over 5k, use the keyword film and it currently list over 700. It's kind of like cold calling, but if you do the work it works. Also if you know of a product you like and need for a project, look up the company and ask for investor relations. It's weak but it does work.

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