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Ceejay Young

Starting a production company

Hello! I am new to Stage32, And i was hoping to connect with other professionals who have started their own production company, and engage on the development stages they went through. I am open to discussing my goals and getting my 2nd film off the ground. Any tips and recommendations appreciated. Thanks Ceejay

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'd say you need three things to make a good movie, a good script [Note that sneaky word 'Good'. :) ], money, and talent. If you don;t mind the question, what do you think you need?

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Ceejay...Are you talking about the business development end of starting a production company or finding and nurturing material?

Heather Hale

Ceejay - I'd be happy to help. Where are you at? And what do you need?

D Marcus

I'm open to discussing your goals and helping in any way I can. I started (and currently run) a production company. What kind of tips are you looking for?

M L.

You generally need a business plan to get funding for a company if you want a brick and mortar office and a staff. It's like any business or startup. Have a plan, find an angel investor to back you. Don't do this yourself. Get a company to draft it for you. Someone with a track record in entertainment. Next is developing properties, be prepared to either acquire projects or develop from within. The biggest expense early on will be a retainer for your Business Legal VP. That's essential. You need a solid well connected attorney if you're going to attach anyone to your projects. They can also guide you in the process and keep you from making stupid rookie mistakes. But the first step is getting a good business developer to help you create a longterm plan on paper that investors can look at. Good luck.

Heather Hale

I write indie film, TV and slate biz plans and investor presentations, pitch packages, etc. - if you need help with that, Ceejay.

Mark Ratering

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