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Okay, okay! I've been putting this off because I didn't think I had anything worth reading to tell about myself, but I keep getting these reminders that my bio is empty. So, here goes.

I'm originally from N.C., born and raised, now living in N.J., just outside of Philly, PA. As you can see from my profile pic, I'm an artist. I don't know how that happened. One day, I just picked up a #2 pencil and started doing a self-portrait and it came out like a photo. I've had no formal training in art, except for one semester at Philadelphia College of Art, where the instructor saw my work and asked what I was doing in his class.

I created and ran a 4 camera video production company for 10 years with my sons & daughter. The most challenging part was in the editing. You have to know what to throw out as well as what to keep and you never know if you did this right until you deliver the finished product.

I chose screenwriting after watching so many bad movies and thinking that I could do better. So far, I've completed 8 scripts and submitted 4 of them that no one likes. I spend an enormous amount of time rewriting and polishing these babies hoping that at least one of them will make it out alive. I've posted two of them here in "Loglines" and one of them, HOTEL 21 (Aida's Story), has attracted a lot attention.

HOTEL 21 is about a young college student, Aida Branson, who outwits a couple of mobsters and wins the Atlantic City hotel where she works in a card game. But now the mob wants to control the hotel and her dead. I've created a facebook page for this story to start building an audience. Please feel free to check it out and give it a click if you "Like" it ;)

Since I live on the northeast coast, USA, I'd like to connect/network with Stage 32ers in the Tri-State area (NY/PA/NJ) in hopes of getting this movie made.

My mission statement: Anything Is-possible, find a way or make a way!

Talk soon!

Unique traits: I prefer female leads as protagonists in my scripts. I am extremely empathetic. I don't believe in Impossible; I believe in staying away from people who do.



    MY EMERALD BRACELET Budget: $5M - $10M | Mystery Drama A 17 year old is framed for murder and tried as an adult by a corrupt District Attorney who wants to use her to promote his for profit prison.

  • 17 In April

    17 In April Drama Family A Russian exchange student, who is arrested, learns that her new friend is her biological brother only hours before she is about to be deported.


    DON'T TELL VERA Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama Family An orphaned Deaf child, living with a dysfunctional family, comes between her older sister and her boyfriend, but must fix the relationship so they can adopt her.


    GILLIAN'S AFFAIR Budget: $1M - $5M | Romance Drama A children's book author unknowingly has a clandestine affair with an agent, but the next time they meet could cause her 2.8 million dollar book deal to dry up before her eyes.

  • Until We Are Parted

    Until We Are Parted Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama A terminally ill 5th grade teacher wants to save a set of twins from a dangerous environment, must convince their drug addicted mother to allow another family to take them in before her illness takes her life.

  • BABY

    BABY Independent An up and coming rock star confronts a rich and powerful Judge who may have murdered her mother and now someone's attempting to murder her.


    iCHARLIE Family Fantasy A coming of age fantasy/drama about a mysterious child who openly defies the beliefs and practices of his highly religious family saves the life of a girl who wanted to murder his sister.

  • HOTEL 21 (Aida's Story)

    HOTEL 21 (Aida's Story) Drama A college student wins a debt-ridden hotel in a card game from the Mob. But now they want control of the hotel and her dead.

  • The Briefcase

    The Briefcase Budget: $1M - $5M | Mystery Crime A frustrated screenwriter stumbles onto a briefcase full of dirty money and becomes the lead character in his story that, if published, could cost an innocent woman her life.

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