Filmmaking / Directing : Beginner director by Jackie Jimenez

Beginner director

hi guys so i have zero no how about directing but im looking to start learning any pointers on where or what i should begin with??

Jackie Jimenez

thank you soo much william

Jacob Buterbaugh

Check out a book called "Filmmaking" by Jason Tomaric, which is basically Filmmaking 101 in a book. Another good one is The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead by Danny Draven. It's geared toward horror films, but much of the information applies to all filmmakers in any genre. Also, don't forget about YouTube, because you can find videos about every stage of the filmmaking process on there. As William said, watch as many films as possible. Watch movies you like, and try to figure out why you like them. Watch movies you don't like, and try to figure out why you don't like them. And make shorts to learn how to apply the things you learn. Good luck!

D Marcus

Books are terrific. Watching movies is essential. Write a simple script using a location you know you have available and parts for a few friends. They don't need to be actors. Use your cell phone. Make a little movie. Edit it. Then do that all over again. No lighting, don't worry about sound. Just practice working with people (even non-actors) and setting up shots. Make five like that.

Phillip Bastien

Hitchcock/Truffaut by Truffaut On Film-making by Alexander Mackendrick Every special feature on a Ridley Scott Special Edition and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit extended editions And watch a scary amount of film and read a scary amount of fiction books.

Elisabeth Meier

I would say make films. Maybe first just you and the camera and the next you take an actor who can be a friend or family member. Just try it. Learn by doing. Get a feeling for it. Then maybe read if you like reading. Read and compare it to your experience. Make your next film and develop your craft.

Christopher Dyer

Best way to learn? Start making movies! One of the best things that really helped me was I caught up with a friend who makes short films and sat around and watched / asked questions on a weekend film shoot. Looks like you're in Miami, there's bound to be plenty of films being shot there. Maybe offer to be an assistant or something just to be on set and see how it's done. After that one experience, I made my first film.

Christopher Dyer

I agree with getting that William! I made my comment brief, but after watching how it's done, I went out and bought a camera (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera) and made my first film. :) However, I would say if the budding filmmaker doesn't have any sort of budget, but does have an iPhone (or, really, any smartphone), you can put together a very high quality movie with a very, very small investment. You can read about that here:

Jeff Bassetti

Dig into and understand post production workflow ... so you can avoid pitfalls on editing, output. Like screenwriting, start with the end in mind ... back up camera original media on a separate HDD and don't touch it unless you need to go recover something.

Clayton Broomes Jr.

Good one Jeff. Understanding the post production process and deliverables are the most neglected aspect of filmmaking studies. It's as essential as learning the craft. But for the most part I agree with most of the previous comments. Just start shooting and watch a million movies. Study camera movement, blocking subjects, staging and some basic cinematography and editing. And since you are starting off writing what you direct, read a bunch of screenplays from your favorite produced films. I can also recommend some of my favorite books I think you need to read...

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