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Faith Elizabeth

Disastrous dates- short films

Hello! I'm an Actress & I've been thinking about getting some people together to make some short films. I've had some really disastrous dates in my time..... and I'm thinking after relaying them to people I know, that they might be quite entertaining for some type of mini series of short films. Does anyone have any advice on how to get started as I don't know much about behind the camera! I'd love to get involved in directing on the other side of the camera as well as acting too. Thanks :)

Dan Gibbs

That sound fun, Have you got anything written yet?

Faith Elizabeth

I have written a rough draft of a script for one particular disastrous evening! lol

Ryan Brewer

You'll love it! It's good to get your feet wet with some compulsive filmmaking. That may sound like a bad thing, but believe me it's not. Is there anything more specific you're interested in finding out?

Ryan C. Davis

Sounds like a great series idea. I have some great ones to share if you're looking for someone to script an episode or two. Let me know. they would all be from real life. Let's just say I was the King of First Dates before getting married.

Dan Gibbs

That's cool would you like to throw some dialogue back and forth? I also have some great trick on getting a pilot shot on the cheap once you've got the everything nailed down .

Zlatan Mustafica

I love the idea, Faith. I would love to hear more about it.

Richard "RB" Botto

Not only love the idea, but I love how many 32'ers are rallying around it. That's what this platform is all about!

Faith Elizabeth

Thanks everyone for the support & the private messages! :) Ill get back to everyone! Richard, the support has been great, and from film makers from all over the world! :) (p.s I'm looking forward to returning to Cannes again this year! Hope to see you again!)

Jonathan Vargas

My recommendation is buy a camera, watch a few youtube tutorials, find people who are hungry for it, write scripts and learn how to edit as well. That's what I did.

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Faith! Coincidentally, my crew and I were just working on some Cannes plans this morning. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Faith Elizabeth

Oooo exciting Richard!! :) I'm busy buying dresses & sorting out some accommodation! :) We'll have to catch up over champagne again! :P

Richard "RB" Botto

Yes, we will. Done.

Michael Van Koetsveld

Hi Faith, Did anything come of this idea? I would be interested from a scriptwriter/cinematographer/editor point of view (yes, that makes me cross-eyed too).

Terry Owen

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