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Alexander Cooper

Festivals for new Directors

Hi, a friend I met through Twitter Talece Brown, sent me here. She says this is where I need to be :) Anyway: I will cut to the chase, I am a new director from England and have been looking for festivals for new directors that will screen my period/sports drama film "Sandow" that is already streaming online (on Amazon and Vimeo). Let's chat!

Adam Harper

Hi Alexander, nice to meet you. I'm not going to be much help with festivals unfortunately. I'm based in Birmingham, UK, we have Flatpack Festival which you could look into, unfortunately it's already passed this year though (in April). I'm sure there'll be others users who can chime in and help you out. Good luck!

Alexander Cooper

Thanks Adam. I haven't tried Flatpack. :)

Doug Nelson

I don't understand your question - film festivals are for films and are not tailored toward individual Producers, Directors, Actors or anyone else. Their accolades come from their participation in the project.

Michael Matasci

Hi Alexander

Try Film Freeway

It’s the best way to find festivals throughout the world

best success

Michael Matasci


Wayne Jarman

Hello Alexander. I agree with Michael Matasci . I'm on Film Freeway and I receive regular emails about up-coming Festivals.

Also, keep your eye out for Stage32 contests, that will be advertised on this site.

Wishing you every success.

Alexander Cooper

Thanks Michael, thanks Wayne; I am already on filmfreeway and withoutabox. Just looking for good fits for the film. Many places reject films that are already streaming as mine is. I have just submitted to Hollywood Reel ; they have a Web features/streaming category that seems to match up. I was recently promoting the film at Cannes Film Market. Cannes decision on Netflix films was wrong. It's a decision based on fear because 'that's how things have always been done'.

Cannes is behind the curve. Can't see the wave. History proves you either embrace new avenues, or get left behind.Festivals should introduce a separate streaming category. That's an easy thing to do. I invite you to watch the trailer of "Sandow" and review the quality of the cinematography which speaks for itself.

Joanna Karselis

I second Adam's suggestion for Flatpack- as another Brummie, it's a great festival to get involved in!

Alexander Cooper

Joanna Karselis sounds good!

Alexander Cooper

Adam Harper Joanna Karselis Flatpack is not open for submissions at this time, but in any event, it seems to be a festival for shorts, not features as Sandow and Parallel are, it specifies on Filmfreeway: films under 20 minutes long;

– completed since January 2016;

– fully cleared, including any music rights.

Adam Harper

It's a very eclectic festival, they definitely show features but I'm not sure of the submission/selection process for them.

Joanna Karselis

Yeah I've seen features at Flatpack (as I'm sure Adam has too)- perhaps it's worth getting in touch with them to see if they'll consider you as a feature once submissions are open for next year's fest?

Alexander Cooper

Joanna Karselis thank you for Flatpack's email address. I have pinged them an email, so we will see how it goes :)

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