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Rob Santana

Rob Santana

Greetings, fellow filmmakers. I've made films since back in the late 90s with whatever camera, actors, and crew i could afford. I believe anyone can make a quality feature film by him or herself without spending thousands of bucks or haunting investors. (you don't need permission, either, to shoot on the streets. Don't let that rule stop you! Just be sure not to stop traffic) Three of my features (and several shorts) have screened at several highly-rated Intl festivals. Perhaps it's luck, or just good timing. I hope to find a distributor soon. If not, there's always the on-line sites. NEVER give up! All you need is a camera with the 24FPS capability and your imagination.

Derek Ladd

Rob, you're missing an "a" in your web link. :D

Rob Santana

Thank you, Robin. And thanks to you, Derek, for the heads-up. (how'd I miss that?)

James Day

Rob Keep up the great work, if you're interested in an Irish dramedy where eight people are trapped in a bookstore after a bomb goes off and one of them is the bomber txt me. No strings attached. It could be made with 10,000. The script is called Troubles. Best Regards Jimmy Day

Damien Jones

I have concrete concepts and ideas for film and television i have over 100 projects written who can help?

Craig D Griffiths

Hi all. Around permits etc. Each city is different and that allows for wiggle room. The last season of Luther (UK cop show) ran out of money. Couldn't even afford permits. They found out that if there are less than four actors in a scene and a single camera no permit needed. So they rewrote to meet that and finished three episodes. See what can be achieved without permits, you'll be surprised. Remember cities want tourists and news crews, so there are normally exemption for small stuff.

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