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Kristin Johnson


Seeking a filmmaker's perspective on this, especially if anyone has insight into the movie studios--although I welcome indie input too. As a writer, if I write big budget scenes (anything involving cars, planes, water, big crowds), what makes you want to put down the script and say, "That's too expensive?"

Benjamin Bogard

Hey Kristin! Would it be possible to have a little more context? The mindsets and approach would differ for say a Michael Bay film that relies on those sorts of scenes to put people in seats compared to that in an indie film.

Kristin Johnson

Okay, let's just say it's a Michael Bay film. How expensive is too expensive for a scene sequence?

D Marcus

Nothing would make me put down an excellent script and say, "That's too expensive.". Anything in a script can be changed. So it's an impossible question to answer.

Anthony Chen

let say if there is a scene that only needs to shoot in a green screen,then that could save lots of money . But if u need to shoot in a extreme weather , like " the revanant" , then it must cost a lot . In others words , depending on how many scenery changes in your script and the place u shoot! second , the movement of the camera . like the link down below if the movement is very difficult , the photographer and the actor must perfom very well hope this will help!

Richard "RB" Botto

What D said. Write your script, create your world.

Kristin Johnson

Thanks, everyone!!!

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