Distribution : Do the Smaller Streamers Factor into Viewing Habits? by Matt Walker

Matt Walker

Do the Smaller Streamers Factor into Viewing Habits?

I've been approached by a few smaller streaming distributors about housing content exclusively, but I've always thought of these as the places films and shows go to die.

In your experience and opinion, is this the case?

Geoff Hall

Matt Walker Matt, I suppose part of the answer would be whether or not these 'smaller streaming distributors' were they only way you saw for releasing your film? And at what stage? The initial release or post a theatrical release - even if that was a limited affair in independent cinemas. Also what would the duration of the deal be?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

Matt Walker They used to be... now they are the wave of the future and mainstream services are the places where films go to die at least in terms of profits.

Matt Walker

Good points! They're just another path along the road with their own pros and cons!

Amanda Toney

It’s important that if you go to a smaller streamer (or any streamer for that matter) that you work to crowdsource an audience to help your film gain traction. Our CEO Richard “RB” Botto wrote a phenomenal book about how to do that: https://www.amazon.com/Crowdsourcing-Filmmakers-American-Market-Presents...

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