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Distribution : Thoughts on time table to take feature to market by Tom Konkle

Tom Konkle

Thoughts on time table to take feature to market

We should have a screenable film by October are we in time to sell it this year ?

David Trotti

That depends on your marketing model. Anything can sell at any time if a distributor sees it and wants it. The question is, what is your plan for getting it in front of sales agents and buyers? Festivals are the usual route, but you'd need to be in some Festivals in November to get Sales Agents looking in time for December. And by then AFM is over, so it would have to be pretty amazing to sell so quick. I'd focus on 2016.

Tom Konkle

Great feedback. We were hoping to get it screened at AFM this year. not sure what other markets for sales and distributors we can get onboard this year as we are hoping to generate some interest and sales in 2015. We have VFX and found work to do as soon as pic locks Thank you so much for information.

Jon Bonnell

If you have it done by AFM, take it to AFM and shop, but don't expect to close a deal there. Your buyers are busy selling at AFM so if you get a meeting, take it, but know that it will be quick and any offer or deal will come afterward. That said, I think I made a two offers at the market last year, but took a lot of meetings. I made more after the market. If you want it to be SOLD at AFM this year, you better have it in someone's hands no later than the first week of October. Marketing, etc, will be closed up shortly thereafter. AFM requires a lock pretty early for the lineups. It won't preclude someone from taking it to market, but it won't get a lot of premarket attention, that's for sure. September would be a much better time frame to shoot for.

Bill Costantini

Thanks for the insights, David and Jon.

Tom Konkle


Tom Konkle

I think the film will be done mid December so I need to figure out who to get on my team to get the best distribution and also where the best place to put it out for buyers and festivals, especially since its a period crime thriller feature.

Alvin Williams

Don't waste your money on the festival circuit. Especially if you have just ONE film. You could put this travel money into marketing your film to help build awareness as you shop. You want to contact the acquisition managers which is a easy process to present your film. They will want to see your one-sheet and trailer and if the film is complete or a rough they will review and will make an offer. We have NEVER gone to festivals, we go straight to the heads of acquisitions. We even deal with buyers, who attend Mipcom, AFM, DISCOP, etc. to sell our titles as well.

Jon Bonnell

Spot on, Alvin... unless you think you REALLY TRULY have a shot at one of the big festivals and you better REALLY be honest with yourself on this one (and I mean whomever not you Alvin). I know of far too many film makers that never had a shot, but waste tons of money on the big festivals (Sundance, Toronto, Tribecca, etc).

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