Distribution : Where do I start? by Michele Traina

Michele Traina

Where do I start?

TV Pilot, where do I go from here? I shot a proof of concept of my show Divorce Diaries and I've been looking for a production company to partner with to shoot more episodes and partner with a distributor to get it to a streaming platform as I build my work as a comedian, writer , and actor.

I research similar production companies that produce similar movies, tv series, or whom I have admired their work and have submitted to a few, but any other suggestions would be great!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

That's really one of the best first steps. Of course, networking like crazy might be obvious but many people don't bother.

Michele Traina

Yes, absolutely, that's why I'm hear to learn and expand contacts. =)! Thanks for your response Shadow!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Your proof of concept - is it a full pilot or a trailer? If it's a pilot, you could cut a teaser and a trailer as well (to better show people and generate interest). Will you be submitting it to film festivals? That could be a great way to get exposure and buzz.

If you're looking for feedback and specific steps forward, Stage 32 actually has a Reel Review service where you could choose the executive who reviews your PoC short: https://www.stage32.com/scriptservices/coverage/buy?id=71 Definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives (or managers, in your case): J.Mirch@stage32.com

Michele Traina

Thanks Kay for your response! I have a 26 min pilot and a trailer. I have submitted to film festivals. We have gotten into some and awaiting more news. won a few indie short for best TV pilot (Delta International and Phoenix Shorts for the month of Dec)

I have done two pitch sessions so far with Stage 32 and both felt like they went well and both asked to see the proof. I know the process is a marathon but I'm antsy to also film more episodes and really continue developing the series I will for sure reach out to Jason about script services.

If you are interested in seeing the trailer I'd love to share with you!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Sure! You can email me at K.Ross@stage32.com

Ewan Dunbar

It will be good to prepare a deck to outline how the rest of the season will play out and to let executives know more about your show.

Michele Traina

Yes for sure! I have one . =D Looking forward to sharing it with interested executives, fingers crossed.

Art Thomas

Michele Traina Congrats on your success. Producing the pilot is a major accomplishment. Based on your target audience, you might consider identifying companies that distribute/produce similar content. As follow to Ewan Dunbar 's comment I would say to also have a good handle on the budget. Here's a pilot we shot that opened many doors: https://youtu.be/x70Kt9Nxu8E

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David Zannoni

Hi Michele, it is obviously important to network, and indeed, do a prospection of potential production and distribution partners. And make sure you have a great deck!

Michele Traina

Hi David! Yes definitely. I have a deck that I'm sending out this week, would love to share !

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