Financing / Crowdfunding : What does it take to get funding? by Andrew J Pisher

Andrew J Pisher

What does it take to get funding?

A team of people and I started a pretty cool idea to help local business owners to make affordable videos to help get their message and value out to their community around Phoenix. We visit farmers markets, interview the vendors, taste-test their products and live stream it all to Facebook through an iPhone 6S. We also record with a Cannon 60D to get HD quality that we can use in post production. Our money comes from selling the individual interviews and product videos to the vendors after the show. We want to expand pretty quick as we are getting calls from farmers markets all over asking us to come and join them. Another thing is we have some ideas to make the show even better and have ideas for other services to unroll. My challenge is that I am stuck working IN the show because we need the money to continue working. If we could get some funding I could step outside and start working on organizing the business a bit more and start training more people. We have been posting a page for every episode we make, here is the latest show if you would like to give some feedback: What do we need to have in order to get people to take us seriously? Thanks for the help!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Andrew - I enjoyed your clips. A couple of thoughts. If you want to raise money, you have to figure how potential investors might get their money back. Are the farmers and their organizations a source of money? Are you promoting their products such that they'll get more sales? If so, you have to make clear to them why your show in particular could be of value to them. Is your show something PBS might like? (I'd suggest that you practice your on camera delivery/make it cleaner/cut the 'uhs'.) If you are getting calls from other farmer's markets and you have not already done so, ask them about potential funding. Good luck.

Michael Wearing

Write a business plan. If the business is viable and sustainable you will be able to attract investment. My understanding is that you have something that is making money and that because of demand you need to expand your capacity. If that is the case your bank should be willing to give you a business loan, although you will want to consider other alternatives like getting a private investment.

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