Anything Goes : Favourites!! by Nathan Webb

Nathan Webb


What has been your favourite film from 2012? The list is full. Did you love Skyfall? Were you happiest seeing the Avengers Assemble? Was Prometheus a work of the gods? Did the Hunger Games feed your passion? Did the Dark Knight rise to the occasion? OK enough silly puns I know your all going to say Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!! LOL. And Discuss.......

Nathan Webb

I guess I should probably start this off!! For me it's Dark Knight Rises BUT 2012 isn't quite over yet so that may change once i've seen Life Of Pi, Lincoln, The Hobbit, Argo and Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer R. Povey

I'm going to say Skyfall, although it was a tough call, and it probably only won out because I grew up with Bond and the echoes of the past and going full circle was just a great nostalgia trip for me.

Nathan Webb

I enjoyed Skyfall Jennifer and agree I liked all the nostalgia having grown up watching all the bond movies. Thanks for posting. Keep creating :)

David Jobling

I must say that seeing Ridley Scott return to the 'Alien universe' was delicious - not only wonderful special effects but his storytelling has improved massively since the original effort (which I hold very dear and still enjoy). So 'Prometheus' runs first with 'The Dark Knight Rises' a close second. Both of these films lift the conceit of storytelling to a new level - and have deeply moving moments inside the sci-fi/action genres. Entertainment value extremely high (for me) and lasting impressions linger months after viewing.

Nathan Webb

Totally agree!! Thank you for posting David. I loved the little nods to Lawrence of Arabia throughout Prometheus. Coincidentally I got to see the remastered 50th anniversary edition of Lawrence this week in my local cinema. 4 hours and worth every second! Keep creating :)

Nadine ( Cloete ) Maritz

i so agree for me Batman was epic i even did a review on it

Nadine ( Cloete ) Maritz

hated the hungergames movie it was just too different from the book and i didnt like the actor they cast for peeta in the book he is described differently

LB McGill

Brave! :D

Afonso Salcedo

I've loved Perks of Being a Wallflower. Incredibly well written, directed and acted. So beautifully shot too. I loved Argo. Everything about it is just a solid, tight, ship. I loved the acting and cinematography on Lincoln, but not my favorite film. Life of Pi was stunning. I can't wait for Les Mis, Hobbit, and seeing a bunch of others that are still coming our way. I feel it was a good film year :)

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