Introduce Yourself : Ellesa turner by Ellesa Turner

Ellesa Turner

Ellesa turner

Hello. I'm trying to make connections in the film and tv industry. It truly is one of my biggest passions. However, having only 20years of nursing on my resume, is not helpful

T. Siena

I understand completely! Mine says optometrist for the past twenty nine years

Ellesa Turner

Right. Have you had anu luck finding employment? I'm willing to work as an intern just get in the door.

T. Siena

I haven’t. I live in Olympia, Washington and have most of my screenwriting contacts through contests, the NWSG and the ISA. Have you applied for internships and labs?

Ellesa Turner

I will try labs. I've applied for internships, but most say I have to be a college student so they'll go towards mu credits, but I won't give up.

Jim Brown

I’m a podcast writer looking for an intern who can fact-check and revise dialogue by a neurologist character. Do you have experience treating aphasia and other neurological disorders?

Danielle Boone

Have you tried to find people who need medical consultants for projects they are working on? That might be your foot in the door. I've learned that sometimes the thing that you think is hindering you, may be the one thing that makes you stand out. Good luck...crossing my fingers and believing with you!

Katherine Alva Cerulean

Hang in there and keep at it! Every bit of experience you have will be a real asset in the right job.

Morris Stuttard

As Danielle said, it might be a good idea to write to medical procedural series and offer consultancy services as an intern to start with. There are a bunch in the UK (Holby City, Casualty, Call the Midwife, Doctors) and even remotely you'll learn a ton - enough at least to get a foot in the door consulting on US projects that are similar.

Jaye Adams

Hi Ellesa! Absolutely keep at it, everyone starts at ground zero no matter what stage in life they’re at and you’re not the only one at the beginning of your passion. Hang in there, do what you love and keep at it and you’ll get there and I love all the positive comments and recommendations from everyone helping out. You are not alone in this community!

T. Siena

These are all such great suggestions! It is heartening to be a part of such a positive group of creative humans.

Ellesa Turner

I am literally brought to tears from all the positivity. You guys are truly amazing. Zo happy to be apart of stage 32.

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