Introduce Yourself : Hello Everyone!! by Don Terrell

Don Terrell

Hello Everyone!!

Hey Everyone, I am a motion designer, video animator & live streamer! Super excited about being a part of the community and wanted to shoot over this quick video to everyone.

Look forward to connecting with you!


Sarah Teres

Very cool! Welcome! P.S. My son (age 14) is very interested in getting more involved in video animation, do you have any recommendations on programs/software/classes?

Sandeep Gupta

Hey Don Terrell , superb quality video and a narration quality voice! Congratulations!

Teleah Moore


Kurt Patino

Thanks, Don!

Vital Butinar

Hey Don Terrell nice to meet you.

In my other life I used to be a graphic designer and occasionally do some motion graphics and compositing too.

I actually really enjoy doing film art like posters and other art.

Frank Baruch

Great to have you in the community, Don. Nice video!

Don Terrell

Hey Sarah Teres Thanks! That's great that your son is interested in video animation. There are so many great apps that are out there both free & paid to create video animation. I use a wide variety such as After Effects and the Adobe Creative Suite, HitFIlm, Screenflow, Krita is a great one as well. Of course YouTube is a great place to find video lessons on this as well others such as Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Skillshare and more.

Don Terrell

@Sandeep Gupta, thanks so much!

Don Terrell

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!

Vital Butinar

Hey Don Terrell have you tried using Fusion from Blackmagic? I used to do all the motion graphics that I did in AE but in the last couple of years transitioned to Fusion.

Some stuff is of course a lot easier in AE and I still love it, but a bunch of things are a lot easier without the need to layer and precomp stuff.

Don Terrell

@vital Butinar, I do love DaVinci Resolve and have played a little with Fusion and know you can do a lot with it I haven't dove in depth with the program yet. Love to get some tips and see learn how you're using it. Let's connect more and talk!

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